Monkey wall decals are a kind of popular wall decal motive that kids love. Its function is like wallpapers which can be patched on the room wall. The difference of wall decals is that it is not cover the whole surface of the wall like wallpaper. It is patched on the wall as big as the printed character on it. It is almost the same like a sticker but in larger size. These wall decals can be applied in any room in the house.

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One of monkey wall decals describes a cute monkey which is hanging in flip over position on a coconut tree. Butter yellow is chosen as the backdrop, this bright color help to clarify the monkey image on the wall. These monkey wall decals are applied in the bathroom. A large mirror in front of the faucets will reflect the monkey decals as if there are many monkey decals applied in the bathroom. Creative yellow monkey wall decals for kids roomDifferent monkey images can be applied in each the wall to avoid a boring feeling.

Cool monkey cowboy wall decals for baby roomOther monkey wall decals is patched on baby room wall. The monkey image is so funny and cute which is suitable with the owner of this room, baby. The wall decal describes a cowboy monkey which is riding a horse. There are also brown rabbits which are peeking from their holes. The hills, sun, rocks and cactus plants complete the western theme of this monkey wall decal. Off-white is appropriate color for the backdrop.

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The next monkey wall decals describes four monkeys with their different expressions are patched on the white as the background. These wall decals are compatible to be used as wall decoration in yellow kid bedroom design idea. With all of the bedroom furniture painted in yellow, these cute brown monkeys cheering up the bedroom wall. Except the backdrop wall for the wall decals, all walls in this bedroom are painted in yellow.

Funny monkey wall decals for nurseryThe fourth monkey wall decal is also applied in baby room. Off-white is a popular color which is often used as the backdrop. This monkey wall decal is quite unique; it describes three little monkeys which are hanging on the vines. The baby bed is placed closer to the wall, so that the monkeys look like they are hanging above the bed. The vines are painted in green and dark brown, and the monkeys are painted in dark brown and light brown on their faces and stomachs.

Green monkey wall decalsThe last monkey wall decals describes three little monkeys which are climbing on a big tree. A monkey is hanging on the branch using its tail, other is sitting on the top, and the last monkey is hanging in flip over position. The tree leaves are painted in green, the tree stick and the three monkeys are colored in dark brown. Light green color is applied as the backdrop. The wooden baby bed is placed closer to the wall; it is makes as if the tree image appears from the bed.