Modern office is so out of box in choosing a concept for modern working space. Updates design is used to make the room cozier and more conducive for working. It makes the workers get easy in finding inspiration for their job. If you are interested in finding a good concept for your own office, there is a good building in Riga, one of districts in Latvia to adopt. The concept applied in the entire room is so amazing here. The designer working for OpenAD implement a greenhouse model in the working space. With wide glass window, where the workers are able to get peaceful when looking at the view, this room will be a good place for creating a masterpiece in their field. In addition, facing the natural view is the best preference to make mind stay cool and fresh. They are able to think of everything clearly. In this situation, they can get brilliant idea to develop the company.

Greenhouse Concept Featuring a Unique Table 1Greenhouse Concept Featuring a Unique Table 2Wide glass window is not the only good thing presented in the room. There are still several amazing points that must make you unbelievably paralyzed when staring around. See the picture and get what makes the room different from other offices. The white table is the one that you have to see more. It is not only a table with four legs and one leave only. The table is beyond amazing. It is super fantastic. Flowing like a river is the concept applied in the table. The shape is sophisticatedly uncommon. Even though it is so, the uncommon shape is functional. All people in the entire room can work on the same desk. In fact, they are not in the same spot. They are spreading out in the working space. Even though they are on the same desk, they still have space for their privacy.

Greenhouse Concept Featuring a Unique Table 6

The most incredible thing seen in the office is the greenhouse concept. There are some plants in the entire room. Just take a look at the pots used to for plants. You must be confused why the pots are connected and like planted under the table. Yeah, the fact here is that the plants are planted on the desk. That is unique and innovative. There are no separated pots there. The pots are a part of the desk actually.
Whiteness and no bolds are the most popular characteristics in modern furniture. Those things are applied in the table. So, it is crystal clear that this table is created for modern office design.