Ottoman is a kind of seat which does not have back and side, this seat looks like a bench but in larger size. Sometimes this kind of seat is used as leg rest and enjoyable seat put in the living room or near swimming pool. Nowadays to support Go Green program for the earth, there are some designs of ottoman which are created with a pot on it. Ottomans with plants can be the best choice to make natural accent in the house or public place. Various shape, size, and color should be attractive to decide to complete the home interior. Two samples of ottoman below have different shape and color which so interesting to be selected.

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Soft and cozy modern ottomans is completely covered by the best quality of cloth to create comfortable accent for the people who sitting on. A circle pot with circle stainless steel surround the pot top gives modern touch on these round and square ottomans. modern ottomans design with plantsWith this mirrored stainless steel, these medium pots located on the top side of the seat looks bigger and blend with the ottomans shape. To maintain the plants is simple as well as garden plant. You can carefully pour the water on it to keep they live.

modern round ottomansAny kinds of plant either tall or short stem could be selected to be planted and decorated this fresh ottoman. In these samples of ottoman, there is tall plant with unique spiral stem and short green plant species which are planted in the pots with soil as planting media. An ottoman with tall plant is covered by light green cloth. Circle is classic shape of this green ottoman with 25 cm of height and 125 cm of diameter.

modern square ottomans

Although the pot on this circle ottoman is located on the side, it still gives small space to sit especially for kid. This seat can accommodate for about four adults with standard weight. The second ottoman where the short plant is planted has square shape which covered by white sheet. The wide of this modern square ottoman with plants is about 125 cm x 125 cm, while the height is about 25 cm. With this larger shape of square seat, it can accommodate for about 4 – 5 adults with standard weight. These samples of ottomans are really suitable to be applied in the living room especially with large window to allow the natural light come so that the plants will grow well.