Modern minimalist kitchen style by Dada is created specifically to represent such creative and artistic personality of the kitchen owner. We know that everyone was born with different character and personality. It will clearly be seen on the way they decorate their kitchen interior design. For artistic theme as like in Renaissance era, kitchen interior design by Dada, the Italian Company, works perfectly in this kitchen design with personality. There are several kitchen interior designs which were designed by Dada to represent such artistic personality of the owner.

Creative painting gallery

For those people who really love art in any kind of form such as painting, sculptural, and even music, and this kitchen design would be perfect choice for you. White is main color is kind of main neutral color which typically utilized for backdrop color. This neutral color applied on the wall, ceiling, and even on the floor no matter what the decor idea is. The arrangement concept of kitchen cabinet is just like large U shape kitchen style. Some free standing shelves stuck on the wall will work better to store sculptural art between the kitchen cabinets.Sage Green Gloss Kitchen UnitsTwo Tone Kitchen UnitsLong and large windows installed on the upper part of kitchen wall allow the natural lighting come through. It is such perfect solution to make the kitchen brighter and wider with the light effect. Bookcase where artistic and inspirational books stored located on the middle wall where no any kitchen cabinet place on it. Colorful book stored in it give color accent on the white color as well as the painting collection hanging on the wall. This Dada’s kitchen design looks artistic with rustic table for preparation center.

Stylish in dark

White Glossy Kitchen Cabinets

Neutral color combination between white, black, and grey gives you such opportunity to make this modern style kitchen full of artistic accent. Replacing the usual wall with unique hexagonal black wall tiles would be unique to apply. This black color with grey shade glass tiles are installed on the kitchen cabinet wall area. White color is installed on the other wall side in front of the tiles to make contrast accent on the right and left side.

Long rectangular island located in the middle of this narrow kitchen covered with black marble tiles. Hanging pots rack completes with stainless steel pots hung on it create such modern accent in this artistic modern kitchen. To give little soft accent in this dark Dada’s kitchen design, three paper lanterns with different shape hung little far away from the middle island.