Dental clinic design need more creativity to change the people perception about the dentist. Especially in children who always cries when asked to check the health of teeth to the dentist. Many people assume if the dentist’s office is scary with lots of creepy and sharp equipment. Super big dental drill, boring waiting room or scary tooth fairy as usually seen on television. For that we need to build an unique interior design and comfort places for visitors but still look professional. Create a design that makes people feel at home with bright colors or any colorful wall paint, audio video facilities in the waiting room and unusual furniture designs to make it different. One of the inspirational design you can try is colorful dental office interior design by AB Design Studio. Bright orange-yellow color makes it look attractive and cozy atmosphere for everyone who visit.

Funny dental office reception area

Dental Office Reception Area Design Ideas Picture 169Reception area was created like a modern lobby architecture at the hotel or office. Dental receptionist table built-in curve shape and covered with wood slabs laid out horizontally like a wooden house on the edge of the forest. 2 rugby ball-shaped lampshade with flat nose and one flying saucer-shaped lamp became the main lighting as well as an attractive decor. The office logo took the funny cartoon theme that favored children. Brilliant ideas to make visitors fascinated upon seeing the appearance of the first clinic at once attracts further interest to find out more in the interior.

Cool and comfortable dental clinic waiting room

Modern Dental Clinic Waiting Room Image 170 Waiting is boring stuff that’s something we often feel. However it doesn’t apply when in a dental clinic waiting room designed by AB Design Studio. Modern design with bright orange makes someone keep the spirit while waiting for patients who are being examined. You are getting spoiled with views outside the waiting area through a window located in front the room.

Unique concepts of AB Design Studio

Dental Office Reception Table by AB Studio Image 171

The color orange is used as the dominant color in interior design where this practice has successfully made a cheerful and bright atmosphere. Simple table receptionist but look attractive and provides warmth for visitors. Creative dental clinic ideas from AB Design Studio can be use as an inspiration for dentist who want say welcome for their customer in the first.
Modern Dental Office Design by AB Studio Image 172 When first visiting the dental clinic, you might assumed would go to the men’s room. Yes, as a visible waiting room is similar to the gents. The waiting room also made special small recesses-shaped in the wall is equipped with personal tv so somebody won’t get bored waiting for their turn.

Ergonomic dental interior design that helps you to save space. The size of the waiting area is not ideal because it’s only the size of accessible hallways. However the design of the waiting room only as wide as three tiles or approximately 90 cm including two seats and a dedicated mini television to keep you entertained. Really exciting design ideas for small or studio dental model.