What makes an exhibition, gallery, museum, or even a large expo show becomes interesting? Yap, it is because of the room design and decoration. According to research, human brain response first well through physical performance or what the eyes see. It means the impression accepted by eyes will leave in brain and also makes certain message and leave it in brain. In conclusion, what makes a conference or exhibition success is the design. Today, we will talk about modern meeting table by Kinzo. See, how they create unusual tables that finally become very attractive in decorating conference and exhibition. It is important to have new creation so people will get impression that they won’t forget through your exhibition. And maybe you can get your own inspiration after figuring out modern conference table by German famous designer, Kinzo.

Modern Conference Room Table by Kinzo Image 230Basically the principle of modern conference table by Kinzo is by combining minimalist decoration with modern color that is close with nature. So, the designer uses pastel and calm colors but still be attractive like white and silver combined with black glossy. And they also like to focus in design shape. Have you watch Star Wars movie? Right, this table looks like interior of the cabin on space shuttle. This meeting table designed for 15 people with single focal point so they can stay focus without destruction from other objects.

Modern Conference Table Design by Kinzo Image 231 This modern table was built in Ernst & Young’s office in Berlin, German on last 11 August 2010. The meeting table’s form provides various seating arrangements that enhance discussions – for two-party conferences furthermore for ”oval table” meeting and displays. The marginally sloped table edge underlines the sporty magnificence of the design; at the same time it will keep healthy by preventing blood froze in the arms.

Of course, that will be better not to duplicate modern conference tables ideas by Kinzo. For young designer, you can start learning by duplicating first and then continue to modify it for better office room design. But, please do not be trapped on it. You can find your own modern table’s creation style.