Gorgeous green Chinese restaurant concepts is utilized to cover a Chinese restaurant located in Beijing, China. This Chinese restaurant is called as Post Script restaurant which which serves a full Chinese traditional menus. It built with two floors and transparent glass application in front area in order to walking people can see the unique interior design applied in this Post Script. Modern and unique accent is perfectly created by the green blocked decoration. You can see that it looks so natural in helping you relax after working hard at the office.

The green blocked decor installed in Post Script is designed by Golucci International Design. It is designed to facilitate you and your family and friends as the best recommended family restaurant in China. With green and neutral color application combined here, the guests are expected to be able to relax while enjoying many delicious dishes in it.Chinese Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Exterior look of the modern Chinese restaurant with green concepts

Modern Chinese Restaurant InteriorSpeaking of Post Script restaurant, let’s start this article content from the exterior side. Well, as like the previous sentences told about this modern family restaurant, this restaurant was built in two floor levels with flat roof. The exterior wall is covered by Grey Square blocked to border the high rectangular shape of the restaurant with gorgeous green blocked decor. PS initial of Post Script is painted in the middle part of front building as the restaurant sign. LED lights in green located on the ceiling near transparent glass windows create such green light effect outside the building.

Unforgettable landscape views from the inside

Outdoor Views from Modern Chinese Restaurant

When you come into this unique and gorgeous green blocked decor restaurant, you will find a huge white spiral staircase installed in the middle area. This spiral staircase give you access into the second floor and basement floor. The entire of the room is covered by green blocked either in wall or ceiling. This block is not square as like the exterior block but it designed in rectangular shape with two green color options such as lime and lighter green that almost in yellow color.
The restaurant floor ideas also apply blocked floor ideas in neutral color combination such as dark and light brown. The block appearance is smaller than the green block dimension applied on the wall and ceiling. The arrangement of dining table and chair is perfect to suit the restaurant room space. The small dining table of modern green Chinese restaurant has oval shape with three black chairs surround it.