Modern apartment interior is one of the favorite apartment layout today. Besides it has comfortable and sophisticated shape of the apartment, it is also create different experience in enjoying the whole of the design itself. Numerous choices of apartment style and design commonly influence the rent cost with much outcome in a year to enjoy its luxury. Commonly modern apartments only offer a modern touch on the interior decoration. But today there is a modern apartment concepts which offers modern touch on the entire part of it. Glass wall idea is installed on some wall part of each room in modern apartment by Z-A Studio. Today we will give interesting topic about great masterpiece by Z-A Studio Architecture.

Exotic kitchen area

Modern kitchen design ideas for apartmentThe size of modern apartment design is standard for one or two person. With a bedroom, bathroom, terrace, and a room which is divided for kitchen, dining area, and living room area. Single kitchen set in this apartment has I shape which is stuck close on the wall. If you remember a Tetris game, five shapes as like shape in Tetris such as L, Z, Z, L, and T are arranged in order as kitchen cabinet hung on the wall above the kitchen counter. Red and white covers those Tetris shaped hanging kitchen cabinets, while stainless steel covers the entire of the kitchen counter under them with white metal on the countertop. Stove set, faucet, and two doors refrigerator is arranged in order along the wall from the left to the right direction. Spatula hanging rack stuck on the wall space between hanging kitchen cabinet and kitchen counter. Wooden square dining table with four wooden chairs is located in the left side in front of the kitchen counter. Glass wall near them accommodates the best scenery while having meal.

Modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom apartment interior design ideasFresh bathroom design with dark green color on the certain part of the wall become great place for relaxation. This green color covers the bathroom wall partly behind the bathroom vanity. Glass wall is installed in semi triangle shape in the middle part of green wall above the bathroom door. White color ceramic tile is applied partly on the half of entire bathroom wall included under the green wall. White color paint is applied on the upper other half of the white ceramic tiles wall. L shape bathroom vanity is covered by white ceramic tiles on the top. Square box sink is located on the tiled bathroom vanity with water crane installed on the ball behind it. Circle mirror hang on the green wall which gives cozy accent in this modern apartment design bathroom. Two round wall lamps are installed on the left and right side of the mirror as bathroom lighting. To fit the green wall in this bathroom, dark green ceramic tiles are arranged on the floor.

Comfortable bedroom design for apartment

Bedroom design for modern apartment interior

Bedroom is the main area for every modern apartment design which uses glass wall on the room part where the owner can see the beautiful scenery of the city and the wood floor terrace outside the bedroom. The bedroom wall is arranged partly in abstract shape with glass wall as the special feature for natural wall accessory. To connect the bedroom to the terrace, double panel sliding glass door installed on the glass wall. With hexagonal shape of the bedroom, a queen bed size is located in the middle wall with connected wooden closet and bedside stuck on the wall behind the bed. White is the bed sheet color to fit the bedroom wall color. Folded mirror on the dress table with red flower arrangement next to it complete the modern decor in bedroom. Grey tiles on the floor give cool and fresh accent in the room.

Living room spot for relaxation

Modern apartment living room interior design ideasModern apartment interior design ideasAs the previous description, living room area in this modern apartment interior parted with the kitchen and dining room area. A space near the bedroom in the hexagonal wall and glass room accommodate a long grey sofa, a small wooden coffee table, a black stool, and a big white half globe sofa. This living room arrangement is located to face the bedroom. Wall glass is installed surround this living room, so that the city scenery can be seen from this spot.