Inspired by sophisticated and minimalist office interior, Anna Hernandez Palacios is coming with a very unique concept of minimalist office interior design. This minimalist office interior design by Anna is emphasizing in the use of significant color scheme for the room which is combined with minimalist office furniture. For you who are currently looking for something unique and sophisticated but without eliminating the minimalist concept which is closely related to how efficient your works is this minimalist office interior by Anna could be one that is worth considering.

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The significant thing from the minimalist office interior design by Anna is the color scheme that is chosen. This design is coming with significant lines shape that is consisting of the combination of light yellow, dark black, and white as the basic color of the room. The lines shape is panted in the ceiling and the wall without discontinuity.

minimalist office working interior design by Anna Hernandez Palacios

The choice of colors here could be customized with the company logo. This office interior design is currently used by Lexington Venue Agency which has logo with is consisting of yellow and dark colors. In other words, you would always be able to change the colors scheme so suits best to your need.

simple office interior design by Anna Hernandez PalaciosFurthermore about the interior look is for sophisticated, modern and urban impression, the room has transparent glass in one side of the room that connects the room with the room outside. For chic design, the cool and inspiring Lexington Venue Agency’s logo sticker is applied as well. Moreover about the interior look is the choice of furniture is emphasized to be as minimalist as possible. You could see that from the table, the director chair up to the chairs in front of the tables are painted in clean white but the cabinet behind the director chair is painted with the same scheme color of the office’s wall.

yellow, black and white office interior by Anna Hernandez Palacios

 minimalist white office decor by Anna Hernandez PalaciosHow about the lighting system? Well, it can be seen that there are two neon-lamps installed in the ceiling that shows the owner of the office prefer to have a light office. The use of transparent glasses in one side of the room could provide additional light from outside that will make the look of the room really light and efficient. Furthermore, the use of plain white tile for the flooring is also supporting the light look of the room. The best thing from this minimalist office interior design by Anna is the impression how spacious the room looks as though in fact it is not.