Compact kitchen by Avanti is one of modern resolution for people who live in small house or another tiny space such as, cottages, small villas, motel, and bedroom or in the office. This compact kitchen usually made in various size, color and appliances combination. Some appliances combination such as small faucet, electric or common stove, refrigerator, cabinet, microwave, gas storage, etc. are available in some products.  This compact kitchen can be ordered based on the customer needs. Many brands offer their compact kitchen product with numerous features. One of those compact kitchen brands is Avanti. Avanti provides unique, simple, and elegant compact kitchen.

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The size of newest Avanti’s products is about 30 inches wide with elegant black granite covered on it. This size is almost the same with wash machine, it is no wonder if your guest will surprise when he/she knows that it is actually your kitchen. This is really useful simple kitchen. You will find four appliances that usually must be found in the commonly kitchen.Black mini compact kitchen ideas by AvantiThey are stove, faucet, refrigerator and cabinet. Modern electric stove and stainless steel faucet are applied on the top of kitchen, while small grey elegant refrigerator and small black cabinet with a door are located under it. The electric stove makes this compact kitchen cleaner, you don’t need to worry if it will look dirty. In addition, with stainless steel faucet next to it, you can directly cook your fresh vegetable after washed it in the faucet.

A small cozy refrigerator in grey and black color is located under the stove. It allows you to make your ingredients such as: egg, chicken, instant food, beef, vegetable, sausage, milk, yogurt, fruits and cooking spices keep in fresh. Next to the refrigerator, useful slim black cabinet with door is available to store others ingredients or you’re eating tools like plate, cup, bowl, spoon and fork.White mini compact kitchen design by AvantiA simple cabinet with door make this compact kitchen looks tidy and clean. This Avanti kitchen is dominated by black granite color. This natural color makes it compatible to put in any small room with various color.  By using this compact kitchen to replace common kitchen in your small apartment will give you more spaces which can be used to other important appliances, tools, or furniture.