Mickey Mouse bedroom is a dream for some children who really love this Disney cartoon character. Not only children who like this funny mouse, but also teenagers or older people try to collect some accessories related to Mickey Mouse and his friends (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Colors which are used to draw this mouse character become a key to create Mickey Mouse bedroom decorations. Black, white, red, and peach as his skin color commonly used to reflect this character in the bedroom. But currently there are creative designs which use other contrast color to be applied in Mickey bedroom. Below are some Mickey Mouse bedroom design ideas which can be inspiration to create a big surprise for your kid’s room.

Green themed furniture sets

Green, yellow, and white become color combination in creating unique Mickey Mouse bedroom. White is used as backdrop wall color which makes the bedroom wider and bright. White wooden floor on the entire floor gives warm accent in the bedroom. A big simple light green closet with double doors stands in the corner of the room touching the ceiling. Green and yellow Mickey Mouse bedroom decorIn front of the closet, there is a single bed with yellow divan, light green Mickey Mouse head character in the head bed and green blanket. White pillow on the bed looks simple on the cheerful color. Green bedside is placed beside the bed, dark green rug put under the bed formed two connected circles which look like eight figure. Unique and simple desk is placed in front of the closet with green and yellow Mickey’s head stuck on the wall behind the computer screen.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Decor

The next bedroom truly draws the Mickey Mouse character on it. With base color of Mickey, white become backdrop wall in the bedroom. Green wallpaper with small mural is stuck horizontally on the middle of wall.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bedroom decor for kids bedroom

A large three doors closet with Mickey and friends image on the doors is placed between the windows. A tall cabinet in white, red, and yellow color stands between the closet and bed. In the left side of the window, a single red Mickey bed with black Mickey’s head as the head bed is placed under red circle clock. Cute yellow white bedside is set in the left side of the bed with small blue bed lamp on it. Brown rug as long as the bed is put in front of the bedside. In the right part of the room, red desk with a wall shelf hanged above it looks suitable with the Mickey Mouse bedroom.

Simple decoration

Simple Mickey Mouse bedroom decorWhite commonly becomes backdrop wall in Mickey Mouse bedroom. But in this bedroom, off-white is used to color the entire of bedroom wall. In this simple Mickey Mouse theme, you will only find black twin single bed with red bed sheets arranged tidily under Mickey Mouse blanket. A simple wooden cabinet is put between the bed looks functional to hold a red bed lamp, alarm clock, and a small photo frame. Other wooden cabinet with larger size is arranged beside the bed foot is used to place a TV and black bear doll. Mickey and friends picture hang above the TV. A Mickey Mouse wall decal is stuck on the wall between the window and TV cabinet. Mickey Mouse image on the ceiling border increase the number of Mickey images in this simple bedroom.

Optimize with wallpaper and accessories

Body parts, wallpaper and accessories of Mickey Mouse are interesting to make the Mickey Mouse bedroom. Yellow and white are applied as bedroom wall color. For twin’s bedroom, two simple single bedrooms are set in a row with Mickey’s body parts image displayed on its bed sheets.

Mickey Mouse bedroom furniture and accessoriesA black bedside with a Mickey bed lamp is set on the middle wall to separate the beds. On the yellow wall behind the beds, a Mickey Mouse wall decals is stuck in the middle with his body parts surround him. On the white wall, Mickey’s body parts are stuck horizontally on the middle of the wall. A window covered by white blind curtain and short red body parts of Mickey motif on it hanged as additional decoration. Next to the window, a large black open shelf cabinet is used to place Mickey Mouse TV, game cassette, and Mickey Mouse doll.