While one could agree that there are numerous components when it comes to interior design, imagine the components that make up the designer. The internal blueprint – if you will, of both the mental and physical attributes of an Interior Designer.

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The top 10 characteristics of an Interior Designer:

The Passion

the passion

There has to be passion! Passion fuels drive, and drive ignites the vision – which leads me to the next essential.

The Visual

the visual

Crucial to design is the ability to create a mental picture. Your vision. Visualization is the first step to making your design come to life.

The Balance

the balance

I like to believe that any type of artist has an embedded color wheel. They can find the balance between light and dark, and color contrasting. You also have to have a good sense of balance when it comes to the different spaces you are working with and the vibe you are tying to set.

The Ear


To accommodate your client to the fullest extent, you must be willing to listen. Being a great listener means to hear and understand what your client’s wants and needs are as well as their “do’s and don’ts”.

The Art of communication

art of communication

Although, your designing ability is the star focus; being able to communicate effectively with your client and associates should be a priority. Communication promotes problem-solving and with something as personal as interior design, you are sure to have some kinks along the process.

The Creativity Aspect


Creativity must sound like a given, right? Well that may be so, but creativity is one of those things that are more naturally acquired than the others previously listed. Yes, you can be educated in various styles, elements and techniques of the trade, but creativity comes from within.

The Business Side

matter of time

As an interior designer, you should always display a professional demeanor. After all, this is your business. Maintaining your professionalism also keeps the client assured of your capability to fulfill the task as promised.

The Matter of Time


Interior design can be very demanding. At times you will have quite tight deadlines. So having great time management skills are grave to one’s success. You may have the skill and talent, but if you manage your time poorly, the outcome may not be in your favor.

The Attitude


Always have in mind a winning attitude. Be positive and upbeat. When you share a happy, positive vibe it will surely reflect in your work.

Now all of these characteristics are essential, but they all tie into one.

The Love for the Art

love for the art

Loving the art of interior decorating and design will always shine through. Having the love for it in all aspects is what makes a genuine interior designer.