Unique program available to everyone, easy to use and, online! This home design software is open to anyone and the most important – free, at least for a basic version, but if you are using it for your personal purpose it will do just fine.

Room Sketcher is open to professionals, too, with lots of additional features. But if you are an amateur interior designer, if it is your passion or hobby, or you just want to see how your own home refurnishing idea will work for you; this appears to be the easiest way. If you have so many ideas to design a kitchen or design a bathroom this application will offer you special pallets just for that purpose.

furnish your kitchen

You don’t need installation files, no updating problems etc.  Everything is available to everyone, online. It is great for quick solutions and you can do changes easily online. You can do it even from gadgets if you go for a VIP user; this is something designer misses when talking to clients.

plan your living room

Room Sketcher is great to visualize ideas fast. So, if you are ready for new home designs, simply apply features from the drag-and-drop menu to your online model. And be ready to experiment and change the ideas. Because when we see the design live it might not seem as we imagined. With easy changes you can modify the project, and be satisfied when done, because you solved the issues in 3D.

 room sketcher 3d application

You can see in a render how colors work in the whole design, to make different layouts, and check what works best for you. Through a model you can see if the colors are too intense or too different, if the furniture you choose is working for you, and also if the dimensions are right, because we can hardly imagine exactly how much space we have if we do not have earlier experience.

While modeling, be aware of the crucial things:

Be aware of the colors: it is best if you do not have more than 3 different colors in your design.

Be aware of the lighting: you need it – do not forget about that. More natural light is always a plus.

Be aware of the proportions– for example measure the right dimensions of a table in front of your sofa. Also, calculate how much space you need for passage between the pieces of furniture.

Be aware of the whole interior design: if you design the rooms separately, be sure that they are somehow connected in the general design.