Mediterranean garden design is one of garden design ideas which can be applied in any house with a free space in it. But not all of the houses have a free space which can be used as a garden. Mediterranean are one of many kind of garden design which can be suitable choice for those people who want some tropic and sunny garden accent in their small house.

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Unique Mediterranean garden on the wall

This kind of Mediterranean style garden looks simple set in the surface of the outer walls of the house. Although the house looks big, it might not plan a garden in it. And the last solution is by applying the emergency garden on the outside house walls. Various kinds of vine plants can be set on this garden design idea. Unique Mediterranean garden design on the wallsA palm tree and some tall trees can be planted on the small space in front of the house. Some pots of other green plants can be placed in a line. Choose the neutral color such as wood color for the pots. Short green hedge is also suitable.

Mediterranean herb garden

The next is Mediterranean herb garden design is for all of house types especially with small backyards. This garden design idea only uses simple medicinal plants on it. These plants are arranged in couples, so there are two plants for each kind of sides. On the garden land, some of wild flowers are let to grow around the garden. Medium white stone in circle shapes are placed in a line as walking track. Small black and white pebbles sown around the rounded pathways to keep it natural and harmony.

Small Mediterranean herb garden for backyard

Small Mediterranean herb garden for backyard

The main accessory in this garden is a cabinet which is like a bird cage stands on the middle of the garden wall. This cabinet is divided into two floors, first floor contains of blue dolphins statue, while the second floor contains of a sitting little kid who is reading a book. Not only to decorating your backyard, this Mediterranean herb garden also provide benefits when you want to make traditional medicine.

Mediterranean rock garden design

Small Mediterranean garden design with stone ornaments

The fourth Mediterranean rock garden layout will gives you a reflection of the garden located in the mountain. It looks so green and comfortable to reduce your exhausted. The brown circle looks like a donuts in the middle of the garden is used to place many kinds of plants. A small circle pool with some plants stick out on it is placed in the middle of the main circle. In the right and left side of the circle, six classic stone poles with long square pots of green plants on them stand rarely. As the walking track surrounding the circle, dry leaves are spread out to cover the entire garden land. Good rock garden landscape for French home design.

Small Mediterranean garden for home

Small Mediterranean garden design in front houseSmall Mediterranean garden can be installed in a small house without garden space with lot of creativity. Benefit your terrace area in front of the house is a smart solution to install this garden design. Vine plants are compulsory plant which has to be had. Green vine and flower vine plant are placed on the wall in front area. These vine plants will cover beautifully the floating terrace fence. Place a pot of plant on each of fence post. Small branched tree and aloe plants surround it can be planted next to the house main door. It’s will make our front home looks green and  welcome for people.

Small Mediterranean potted garden in front houseThe last Mediterranean garden design is the same as the first and the fourth design. By benefiting small space in the border or front of the house, green garden will be created. This small garden is surrounded by short walls. The varieties of plant grow on it. The grass plant types with some flower plants are placed together. Three unique pots of plants are put on a stair above the small garden.