Maya construction crew seems to be professional home design construction who can design and decor a house stylishly with fresh and artistic accent. The great creation is proved by some photos of Mexico residence design which will be described below. Well, Mexico is popular with cool and exotic country side home design and decorating concept. In urban area, Mexico residence seems to be great living space to consider since it decorates stylishly in exotic style.

Dramatic scheme looks elegant with natural element to support it. No wonder that you will find several natural concepts installed on every nook in the house. Mexico residence design by Maya construction crew is quite different from common modern home design and decoration.Mexico Residence DesignVibrant color application as composition on the home wall interior becomes main focus in this Mexico residence decorating style by Maya. Now, let’s check the gorgeous decoration created by Maya construction crew below for your home interior decor ideas.

Orange Fresh Mexico Residence Design

Orange is kind of vibrant color which usually identical with summer sun. Well, this color is also related to exotic fruit called orange. This citrus fruit always becomes the best fruit as Vitamin C source which is good for your health. With citrus flavor, orange is always fresh to look at and even can make you smile anytime you see it. This orange color scheme is applied in contemporary Mexico residence which designed and decorated by Maya crew elegantly. Let’s start it from the exterior look of this Mexico residence design.Mexico Residence Indoor Pool Design

Minimalist look seems to be pretty for this stylish orange Mexico residence. Square or geometric shape looks incredible in this medium long home design. There are more courtyards with elegant design and decor which are intentionally combined with green scheme from natural plants and trees. Stone flat for walking track is installed to cover the entire flooring in the courtyard. Green grass grows between the flat stone walking tracks to give comfortable feeling for your barefoot. Green, black, and grey seem to be great color composition covering the exterior Mexico residence design.

Mexico Residence Backyard Design

Wood plank is also installed in courtyard area as like deck which looks stylish and warm to complete the contemporary scent in this Mexico home decor. Orange color scheme looks eye catchy to energize this Maya home creation since you can see this vibrant color anywhere you step in. Water element required outside the house where you can play and spend spare time for relaxing and exercising. Long dimension for the pool seems to be enough to accommodate more space to increase your body skill anytime you want.

Cool Blue Interior Style of Mexico Residence

Mexico Residence Interior DesignInterior home decorating comes in various styles and models with different accent created with. Cool blue color scheme is applied in the Mexico residence to create such fresher and airy atmosphere. No wonder that this vibrant color looks eye catchy since it installed on at least on a wall side in a room. Well, electric blue seems to be focal point in a room with additional wall decorative items applied there. Black and white glass tiles complete the electric blue on the middle wall area in the kitchen. Grey is chosen to give such neutral color to blend the strong and soft color properly.