Marble is always attracting and stunning to be applied in a home. Well, some people pick marble for their countertops or kitchen backsplash to give hygienist impression in that crowded service area in your territory. Besides the kitchen, bathroom will be the next appropriate target to implement marble idea. Bev Adams is one of designer that has an idea to make bathroom more adorable with marble. You are able to see the pictures and notice how incredible the result is. If you are interested to bring that idea into your bathroom renovation project, this article will give you some information so that you know the features and specifications offered by the designer through the design.

First of all, the discussion will talk about the construction of marble applied in the bathroom. 18-inch is the marble size used for the bathroom flooring. That is classic as well. However, you can put it in your bathroom modern since the color is white. It has been a confidential secret anymore that white is a color dominated in modern home design and decoration.

Romantic Modern Bathroom IdeasRomantic Modern Bathroom Ideas 2After knowing what type of marble applied for flooring, you must want to know what type marble is set for the shower. The answer is Thassos marble mosaic. It is wrong if this bathroom is set using traditional style. First, the dominant color is white. Second, some mirrored materials such as shower, doors, and some stuff are used there. Third, the concept implemented here is a wide open room. However, you must still be eager to know why traditional details are still found the cabinets. The designer tries to explain that by showing the romantic ambience that she wants to create here.

Romantic Modern Bathroom Ideas 3

Romantic Modern Bathroom Ideas 4Traditional details are given to the cabinetry to bring something romantic and sentimental. The cabinets are design to make the bathroom more stunning by offer traditionalism. A pewter glaze is applied over the wood which is painted with white. For the details, you can also some gypsum on the ceiling and some crystal lamps. However, those are not aimed to bring traditional style of home design. The designer wants people who use that bathroom will be contented so that they are able to get some inspiration of life. Moreover, dark blue is chosen for the wall that makes the bathroom more sentimental.

Romantic Modern Bathroom Ideas 1Romantic Modern Bathroom Ideas 5Romantic is one that the designer wants to provide through details and ornamentation of the bathroom. Blue is also taken from the shade of the marble. Colorations of marble will be a good completion in the finish. Blue and white are not enough to represent romantic atmosphere. Romantic is not romantic without pink. Then, the designer punches the calmness of blue and white with pink by setting the flowers in the crystal puzzle.

From the discussion above, you may understand why some details are found in the bathroom. In fact, some components show that this bathroom is very thick with modernity and simplicity. The details and marbles are set for bringing romantic ambience. For the color, white is still a big domination. Then, blue and pink are other colors set to punch the white.