The kitchen being a place where you prepare food is a bit of a catch twenty two. This is due to the nature of food. If it is contaminated, then it will be a potential threat to your health. However, it is very messy, so the areas that you prepare the food in tend to get dirty. Therefore, the dirtiness of making food, is a threat to the food that you are making! Basically, you need to clean the kitchen really thoroughly, as otherwise you are at serious risk of things going wrong, and finding that you have a certain amount of bacteria in your food that should not be there. You will find that this bacteria can cause bad smells, and food poisoning if you are not careful. Cleaning the kitchen in a light way is fine for day to day use, but you need to ensue that you deep clean the kitchen fairly regularly as well, to ensure that any grease and grime that is building up is sorted out before it becomes a hazard.

clean and safe kitchen

Getting rid of bad bacteria in the food preparation area is easy. You simply need to ensure that you wipe down all surfaces with an anti bacterial spray or wipe. Many degreasing household cleaning detergents and sprays will be fine for this, and you should be particularly careful with areas that have had raw meat on them. You will often find that the best way to clean is to wipe over the surface after every job that has gotten food on it. Otherwise you will be worrying about whether it was raw meat, cooked meat or vegetables, and something is bound to go wrong somewhere. This method of constant cleaning will keep the bacteria at bay, and therefore reduce the chance of food poisoning.

Making sure your kitchen is clean and safe 2

You should also clean the oven as regularly as possible, as the build up of burnt on grease that can occur in the oven will sometimes result in smoke as it burns off under the heat. This is bad for both you, and the food that may be in the oven, and sometimes that amount of smoke will be little enough to not notice form the outside, but enough to affect the food. Scrubbing down the oven is one of the worst jobs in the house, but if you do it regularly, then it should not be a lot more than just a similar action to wiping down a table or side surface. You need a stiff bristled brush to take off any dry grease, and you will need to leave the oven cleaner in place for a while, to ensure that you are getting as much work out of the chemicals in it as possible.

The fridge will also need to be cleaned out if there are any spillages in there. If milk is knocked over or any other dairy products go bad in there, then the spores that are attracted over time can affect the rest of the content of the fridge. The smell of things going off should be an indicator of this, and you will need to clear and chuck out anything that is not in a sealed packet should there be any sort of mold growing on any of the food, as the spores can travel and infect other ares of the fridge easily. Mold can occur throughout the kitchen, so always dry the surfaces that you get wet, and be sure to open up the windows when you are done, as this will help ventilate and dry the room off.