Plant pods are other simple dome decoration ideas rather than terrarium plants. They have the same function to create green and fresh area in the corner of house. With simple appearance, they precisely rare to be found in home design ideas as decoration. Commonly, pots of plants are often found as home decoration to give natural fragrant and peace effect in the room. Currently, some people have created new ideas of decoration option with various plant pods such as flowers, cactus or small vegetable plants.

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How to make indoor plant pods easily :

  • Plant pods are easy to be created as like terrarium plants in different media. Small plate is a planting media to replace terrarium glass or pot. Several home supply have provide wooden plank which has planting place on the middle of it, in addition it can be installed directly on the wall.
  • Put enough soil on the plate. Some gravels or another drainage media is better.
  • It is like its name, plant pods, small plant species are compatible with this plant pods. The air plants such as: cactus and succulent which do not need much water and have small size are suggested. To create beautiful accent on it, try to choose flower cactus as its plant.
  • Dig a bit gently on the ground then put the plant on it. Pour water to make the soil wet.

Homemade cactus plant pods

Beautiful cactus plant pods for living roomAs home decoration, these plant pods can be arranged on the wall vertically with enough distant of each other. Three levels or more of plant pods are better to decorate the living room or dining room wall. The first wooden plank contains three small cactuses in different height. A slim and high cactus with red flower on it is placed at the back in left side; other cactus without flower is wider and shorter than the first cactus and placed in right side of flower cactus. The last cactus without flower is placed in front of the flower cactus, this cactus is almost as wide as the second cactus but the shortest cactus of them.

Unique plant pods for minimalist houseThe second plant pods located on the middle vertical arrangement on the wall. A cactus plant with many leaves is about five inches height on the wooden plank. This cactus species has pale green color and dark brown color on the leaves border; it makes the cactus looks exotic as home decoration. The leaves on the bottom of the cactus are larger and longer than the leaves located on the top. Some larger and longer leaves on the bottom of cactus touch the wooden plank surface. It gives dense accent on the plant pods.

Vegetable plant pods with broccoli

Vegetable plant pods for living room

The last level of wooden planks contains some of green air plants in small size. If they are seen far away, they look like a group of broccoli which are ready to cook. Actually this broccoli look like is succulent in small size. They are planted on wooden plank in a big quantity which make the planting place are covered completely. They are really thick on the plank, so the plant pods looks cute and unique.