There are DIY projects that you are able to apply to make your house more magnificent. One of DIY projects that are happening in internet is making something beautiful from mason jars. If you hold a party, you must have some empty jars. Then, you clean it and store the jars in the warehouse. You are so lucky since you do not throw the jars away. You are able to make magnificent wall piece from the mason jar. This article will give you some steps to do to make the wall piece from the jars. You can follow the step then get a good result of it.

You should prepare many things that you need to do the project. The materials that you have to prepare are some mason jars, a piece of wood cut in 3 boards with angles, several hose clamps, and several nails and screws.

DIY Mason Jars Wall PieceThose should be collected in one spot so that you will not get difficulties in finding them. You need two screws to attach the wood to the wall. After preparing the materials mentioned before, you should do the steps. First, you should nail hose clamps to the wood. Making a hanger for the mason jars is what you need to do next. Some colorful paints are necessary to prepare to make the jars more stunning. After all set, you can paint the jars or the wood. Several nails are able to be attached to hang some other decorating objects to make the house livelier.

DIY Mason Jars Wall Piece 3DIY Mason Jars Wall Piece 4

DIY Mason Jars Wall Piece 1The wall decoration is very lovely. In addition, you can choose any flower you want to complete the jars. Additionally, you do not need to ask help anyone. You are able to do the task yourself. You are able to make your house cozier with handmade products. It is more stunning if you make the products yourself. You do not need to spend much money for that since you use some used stuff. When your guests are coming to your house, they will be so attracted seeing the wall decoration that has made by your own hands. Put some flowers to make it more fantastic.

DIY Mason Jars Wall Piece 5DIY Mason Jars Wall Piece 2What this stuff tries to offer is flexibility. Flexibility here means that you are able to set the vases in any place you want. That is really amazing, right? You can set it in living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or bathroom. You can also set the stuff in outdoor area such as patio, deck, terrace, or any other places around your house.