Bathroom is an important room in your house in which you always do cleaning activity related to the water. Once you remodeling bathroom interior, some decoration ideas included wall accessories, window treatment, and shower curtains also have to be decided. Bathroom identically comes with shower or bathtub installed in either it covered only by a piece of luxury shower curtains or glass wall surround it. Many people think that considering style, material, and design of shower curtains are such difficult activity.

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Generally, shower curtain is used to give us little privacy while bathing in shower or bathtub. Other function of this curtain is to avoid the water splashed out from the shower or bathtub area into the floor in other area of bathroom. In this case the water resistant cloth material must be chosen in deciding appropriate shower curtains based on its real duty. The following are several tips in deciding your appropriate luxury shower curtains which also considers by its real duty as shower curtain and its luxury style for fashion.

Choosing the best luxury shower curtains

luxury shower curtains ideasMaterials – First step in deciding shower curtains are by considering the materials. As shower curtain which has duty to avoid shower splashed water spread over bathtub area, water resistant material such as plastic either heavy or sheer version should be applied as shower curtain material. Plastic material would be durable though it always touches water anytime in bathing activity. If you want to create stylish accent on this curtain, different accent could be applied on the internal and external side of curtain. For example plastic material is applied on the internal side while fabric is applied on the external side of curtain.

Design and style – Secondly, try to decide your luxury shower curtain designs. There are many curtain designs that installed depend on the bathtub condition. Commonly, shower curtain is installed to fit the bathtub or shower area size. For example: with oval rods installed above the tub, the curtain would perfectly cover this area. But there are also some unique curtain designs which only cover certain part of bathtub area. For example by applying smaller ring rods above an oval bathtub shape, pair shower curtains will only cover a side part of bathtub or two sides on the head and feet area of bathtub.
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Art and taste – Thirdly, try to decide which one of art and fashion that more important to be applied on your luxury shower curtains. If you prefer to apply an art on your shower curtain, try to imagine that your shower curtain is a canvas where you can apply various art styles on it. For example, by choosing white backdrop color on the curtain then selecting natural black line motif as like a painting. But it would be different if you decide to select fashion as the base in deciding your shower curtain. There are various fashion aspects which could be applied such as color composition, fabric, texture, even material composition. In deciding the color for your fashionable shower curtains, try to apply color which should be suitable to your bathroom color including the bathroom wall or appliances.