When talking about the ideas to create a luxury home office, not only design selections that we consider, choosing furniture is no less important. Basic selection is not only in terms of appearance, selected furniture should also be able to support all office work at home. Because most people are only able to build small home office due to the both limited: space and funds. Therefore choosing the right furniture became the main point in making a comfortable home to improve performance.
Today we will present furniture design that ideal to make your home office. Cambridge, home office package offered by the Savannah Collection features a design is completely dedicated for people who loving a busy lifestyle with a lot of work.
Luxury Home Office Furniture by Savannah Collections Image 155Cambridge executive desk made of selection mahogany with best quality. Tables comes with beautiful hand-carved details with gold color for the accent. Featuring hand-made manufacture from kiln-treated solid mahogany wood with English carpenter. A artwork piece that will last this generation and beyond.

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Luxurious table design

Luxury Home Office Table by Savannah Collections Image 156Luxury table built-in classical style reinforced with brass on the inside make it strong. This concepts was taken to improve views of are where this table placed. The large size of the table gives you more space to store office files or other important documents. Made with 100% handmade in order to minimize technical errors as well as having the high art value.

Unique carving motif

Luxury Home Office Furniture by Savannah Collections Image 157

A mixture of brown, gold, black is very perfect. Brush painting technique taken to give the dark and light effects on furniture. The deeper side gets brighter color and darker colors bordered on outer field. Each frame is decorated with unique carving to strengthen classic nuance on the workspace. Beautiful twin leaves motif carved perfectly in the middle make this table predicated as the luxury one.

Extra large wall units in classic style

Luxury Home Office Cabinet by Savannah Collections Image 158An Office is identical with huge documents or files. The wardrobe design by Savannah Collections make you able to store many files in one place so it looks neat. Consists of 4 chamber, 2 larger chamber on upper side and2 smaller size on the bottom. Each chamber is divided in several slots for easier arrangements of documents. The door is equipped with glass to make it easier when looking for files.

For more complete info about this home office furniture units, you can visit savannahcollections.com to get detail of price list and any important reviews.