Golly pods, as we know that golly is incredible and wonderful, while golly pods as we has imagined it has really strange shape which make it unique than the commonly pods. Currently, this kind of plant pods becomes popular as interior decoration. Varieties of shape and plants which planted on it make the people interested in its charm. Below are two kinds of unique golly pods which have been showed to be selected as your home decoration.

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The first golly pods looks like a group of aliens. This crafted plant pods are designed uniquely in skin color. There are six of pods stand on replica of small hills in different styles and height. Three of it looks like alien with flat round helmet and long slim neck, and oval hole horizontally placed in front to place soil looks like alien mouth. The tallest golly pod with a horn on the top is located in the back part than the other. Two others have hole on the top of pod to place the soil. In the bottom part on each pod which makes these golly pods can stand properly are formed in square and circle shape. These shapes look like stool foot.
Unique golly pods design ideas with alien shape
Unique golly pods design ideasVine plants are suitable to be planted in this golly pods with hole in the side, so that the spiraling will fall naturally. Some succulent plants are planted in a pod, so there are many kinds of plant which can be enjoyed in a place. In a pod there is a plant which has red long leaf located in the middle of the hole. This leaf looks like a tongue of the alien, so it gives unique appearance as home decoration. On other pods which have soil hole on the top, a succulent without leaf is planted on the moss, the stem and branches are in dark green, light green, and maroon. Other vine plant looks unique with its green fruit which fall beautifully like beads curtain.

Creative golly pods design

The second golly pods are like terrarium plants which placed on a slim pole that larger on its top and bottom part. On the top part of the pole, some cactus plants in various kind and color covered by round terrarium glass. Some white grovels and sands are placed as drainage media, those media has the same color with the pole which is natural skin color. There are three golly pods stand in different height. The tallest pods is located in right side, the shorter is located in left side, then the shortest pod is located forward between the taller pods.

Creative golly pods design with tropical themesThe golly pods glass has a small hole on a side to allow air to come in; from the hole you can pour the water to drain the plants. The hole looks unique because there is other glass in it as its border. And the shape of the hole is not perfectly circle, but it has little spiral touch on the lower part. These golly pods are perfectly compatible to create green spot in the house, but you have to be careful if there is children who interested in anything in the house.