Installing wallpaper for living room are practical solution in getting new sensation and this the best ways to save money. Many people feel confused when they are decorating their living room with various furniture and accessories choices. To many furniture not help people to get what decoration they want but mostly will make the room looks terrible. In some cases some people get confused because they have small space with to many accents there and don’t have any ideas to remodeling their old boring themes. They also have to decide suitable color schemes, another color combination, theme, and other complicated planning which have to be done before starting to decor. Wallpaper can help so much if you understand how to optimize it and today we will tell you simple tips to optimize living room with wallpaper and lot of sample for your inspiration.Wallpaper or wall decals for living room are commonly chosen to solve those problems we discuss before. Below are some tips to select appropriate decals.

  • Firstly, we only have to come to nearest store to take the imagination theme for the future living room. It is because in the store has numerous display gallery and ready to be selected. Or you can browse thousand wallpaper via image search in internet.
  • Try to choose wallpaper with medium or bigger mural to avoid loaded impression. And choose the wallpaper color which is suitable with the wall color. At least the color can be matched each other.
  • To create modern and luxurious accent, purchase the wallpaper to cover a side or two side of the walls. If you decide to cover the entire wall, try to cover half part of the wall so that it would look unique.
  • For the decorating process, it would be easier to choose the furniture and accessories by combining them to the wallpaper color.

Black living room wallpaper

Black living room wallpaper with gold accent colorOther color combination for cream wall color is black wallpaper. Black wallpaper with cream striped vine plants mural is installed on a wall side. This black wallpaper gives warm accent in the living room with classic side on its wooden furniture. White modern fire place and wooden mirror on it cover the wallpaper on the middle. To combine the wallpaper color theme, cream couple sofas with striped checker cushions and striped creamy vine cushions on it are suitable.

Red living room wallpaper

Red living room wallpaper in creamy brown wall colorRed is cheerful color in feng shui rule to create powerful life for people who see it. This color is usually become a favorite in focal spots of the house. Red living room wallpaper with big red color mural on it looks so beautiful in creamy wall color. Light brown as cream color is set as backdrop. The red wallpaper is only applied on a side of wall behind the long sofa which has the same color as the wall. A short red bench crosses the long sofa, red rug under black coffee table, and red cushions which are placed on the sofa are suitable to the color selection. Glossy black LCD TV and other black cabinets around it improve the modern nuance.

Purple living room wallpaper

Purple living room wallpaper with flower motive

Purple, blue, and off-white become the best color combination for home owner who need romantic scheme. Purple as wallpaper backdrop, blue as flower stem color, and off-white as the flower color display a chic nuance in the creamy living room. As the first wallpaper, cream color or light brown color on the entire wall except the wallpaper give soft touch. A classic brick fire place is set on the purple wallpaper, it looks beautiful and cozy. Wooden corner cabinet, lamp table, and coffee table complete the classic appearance in this simple interior. Couple sofa in cream color with blue and dark purple cushions on it is arranged to clarify the wallpaper theme.

Modern living room wallpaper

Modern white and black color wallpaper for living roomSimple but looks modern is become a dream living room decorating for all people who live in urban city. Pure white on the entire of the living room wall give a simple look. By adding a modern wallpaper on a side of the wall will give modern touch in this guest room. Flying black birds looks like spots on white backdrop. The black birds in small size are flying into the right side of the wall. This wallpaper looks wonderful and unique without any hanging accessory on it. A light green cushion between two white cushions on a long white sofa gives fresh spot in the room. On the black glass coffee table, a vase of white roses with many leaves surround it accompanies the green cushion.