What do you expect when you arrive home after working all day long? You must want to have a beautiful time to relax yourself, do things you like, gather with family, and take good time to take a rest. If you want to create such a place for your family, you can adopt this lime green kitchen provided. Of course this idea can be applied for house as well as for apartment room. The selection of lime green kitchen design ideas provided can be used for kitchen and dining room regarding the fact that most people build their dining room near or next to kitchen. So, that will be nice to have same decorating styles or color that matches each other. With this fresh lime green that close with nature’s basic color, you can create nice family meals time with relaxing atmosphere in your house.

Luxury ideas

Luxury Lime Green Kitchen 209So, we can start first from luxury lime green kitchen decorating ideas. Well, this is suitable for you who have a large space for kitchen. In modern house design we can find in movies or TV, we will find so many people build luxurious kitchen between living room and dining room. So, you can show off your kitchen design to your guess. For that purpose, many home owners like to have mini bars table complete with the seat. Not just for guess, the owners can also eat snacks or drink beverages there. For luxurious style, you can pick lime green for the accessories rather than for the painting.

Simple and minimalist

Minimalist Lime Green Kitchen Image 208 For minimalist lime green kitchen that likely to be adopted by apartment’s resident, you can combine lime green with plain white color. Make sure you do not use various colors in the wall or tiles. Just combines 2 or maximum 3 colors. Say, you dominate the up and down countertop with lime green paint and use white paint for floor and wall. While for the cooking utensils and dining set, you can choose same white color or else you can pick other minimalist color like aluminum or black shiny steel.

Small and cozy

Small Lime Green Kitchen Design Image 207

For you who have small room only, do not need to worry. Having small lime green kitchen color is good selection for fresh atmosphere. Pick soft lime green so it arouses relieving atmosphere and makes your room not that full. Because it is small, you can buy lime colored countertop made from steel with small size. For the accessories small lime green kitchen decoration, you can buy lime green refrigerator and also lime green dining set.

French style

French Lime Green Kitchen Ideas Image 206For French lime green kitchen, you can combine woods based stuffs with lime green color that suits for woods utensils. Make sure the lime color do not dominate, probably around 40% only, and the other 40% you use furnished wooden based color, and the less you can apply other colors for a bit variation like white or black.

Modern ideas

Modern Lime Green Kitchen Decor Image 205While for modern lime green kitchen, we will take bold lime green color that is cute and represent futuristic green atmosphere. You can combine chrome color or stainless color with full lime green countertop. So your countertop will be painted all in lime green and the aluminum is applied for other accessories and utensils.