Generally people do not spend their much time in front yard of house, this area is only and access area where people come and leave the house. Commonly people more often spend their time in backyard or courtyard than front yard. But landscaping for front yard should be useful for you who want to create a kind of invitation sensation, fresh, and beautiful accent instead of only installing walk and drive track. There are various landscaping ideas for front yard which could be applied to frame your house. Below are some suggestions to help you in deciding your front yard landscape.

Designs of the front yard landscape

Selecting most suitable design is important to be considered before you create your front yard landscape. These designs could be garden style, landscape border, plants options, and walk and drive track for the main spot in front yard. Various garden designs should blend the house exterior design so it would not cause bad result for the whole house appearance. Sloping Garden Design IdeasSeveral garden designs which could be selected are General Garden, Container Garden, Rose Garden, Flower Garden, Tropical Garden, Butterfly Garden, Shade Garden, and so on. When you have a slope yard type, maybe this cool slope garden by Lyra Patrick can give you some inspirations.

Choosing the plants

Small Mediterranean garden

Small Mediterranean garden

Before you try to start to plant any plants on your front yard, ensure that you have a landscaping planning that is planned carefully to avoid you front yard becomes like a jungle. Plants choices typically come directly with the garden or landscaping designs. If you have chosen the right design of front yard, then you must consider about the front yard size, front yard location whether sunlight can freely radiate the plants, soil and weather condition and of course your budget to purchase the plants and its fertilizer. Try to plant kind of local plant to low your application cost and plant longevity because local plants usually are stronger in any local environment and weather rather than kind of rare plants or exotic plants. Mediterranean garden style is good options because the plants of this garden are strong and can survive in various seasons.

Footpath and driveway

Footpath or walkway and driveway are the main spot located in front yard because these spot give the easiness for people and guest come and leave the house. In addition, they can be selected according to your budget, house exterior design and front yard landscaping design. Large space of driveway should be created between the house to the road to accommodate car parking place and children playing area. For this area, you could plant some medium trees on a side or both sides of driveway to give little shade for area under them. Stronger material such as solid floor and stones should be picked for driveway to hold heavy things included car.Garden pathways

For pathways installation, you can choose the material depend on your budget. Wood, Pumice, Stone, Limestone, and Granite are suitable to be applied as footpath for your front yard. To beautify your landscaping ideas for front yard, plant some plants such as short hedge, shrub, or flower on both sides of footpath.