Who says that kitchen door does not need curtains? There are various kinds of kitchen door curtains which are applied on the house. Some of kitchen apply frame on the wall as the door either it has single or double size. Others kitchen use swinging or sliding door to connect the kitchen to other room either it created completely covered or with glass. Kitchen door curtains are surely applied for several door types such as: frame door, swinging or siding door with glass. Below are several samples of curtains for kitchen door that are unique and beautiful to be applied.

The first attractive kitchen door curtains is applied with sand clock look on the internal side of the kitchen door. White sheer curtain material is chosen to give shade accent on this wooden glass shade door. This curtain is applied on by using two brass sticks which are slipped horizontally in each curtain tip on the top and bottom part. kitchen door curtains ideasAnd then the curtain is stuck on the door to cover the entire of glass shade of door. Long ribbon with the same material as the curtain and adhesive is tied on the middle part of curtain to display little of glass shade door.

long kitchen door curtainsSatin cloth is selected to be the main material for this kitchen curtains. Cream color on this satin curtain looks suitable with the kitchen wall color which is painted in same color. Long iron curtain pole is installed about 10 cm above the white frame of glass sliding door so that the curtain bottom does not touch the floor. Two pieces of curtain are hung and parted into the side to ease the owners pass through the door. There is no hooks to help these curtain hang on the curtain pole, a kind of line with wrinkle stitching is made on the top of curtain to make the pole can be slipped in to hang the curtains on.

french kitchen door curtains

Thick cloth material is used to cover double glass swinging door. Cream color combined with white color applied as motif on this kitchen door curtains. Long white thin curtain pole is installed about 10 -15 cm above the door frame to avoid the bottom curtain to touch the floor. Two pieces of curtain are hung with several hooks on the pole. Two cloth layers on the top curtain look thicker to hold the curtain weight. A hook applied on each wall beside the door is used to tie the curtain so that this door curtain does not cause traffic for the people who pass though it.

kitchen top door door curtainsDesign of this kitchen door curtain is attractive to be applied on the internal side of kitchen framed door with glass on its middle. Actually the glass window on the door is not fully cover by this curtain. This cream color of fiber curtain has long shape vertically with smaller width than the door glass. A white iron stick installed on the top part of door to hang this fiber curtain. Square motif as like small table sheet is put hung on the pole in triangle position to create chic accent.