Sometimes there are only one or more windows which are installed on the kitchen wall to let the kitchen have good air circulation to avoid overload smoke while cooking. Some people only let them free without any treatment, but some people also apply various curtain styles which are useful to adjust the light come and just for interior decoration. Some creative kitchen curtains ideas could be chosen to beautify the kitchen. Below are several choices of kitchen curtain designs and little reviews from us.

Blue kitchen curtains

Gingham style on the blue kitchen curtain make this simple curtain looks attractive. White color becomes the main color and backdrop color of this kitchen curtain. Blue gingham is located on the internal side of the parted curtain, the bottom edge of the short curtain and ribbon to tie the curtain. Blue color will reduce sunlight from the outside that causes too much glare in the room.
blue kitchen curtains
Drapery arrangement is applied to arrange this blue kitchen curtains with short curtain on the top and parted tied curtain behind it. Typical of this curtain commonly used in European style kitchen or old farmhouse kitchen which  popular with shabby style.


Waverly kitchen curtains

wavely kitchen curtains

Unique sensation created by applying this Waverly kitchen curtains as kitchen window treatment. This Waverly curtain is created by sewing the bottom part of curtain to create wave accent. A kind of elastic cloth is installed vertically to make wave appearance the bottom edge of curtain. There are two Waverly kitchen curtains hung to cover the upper half area on the window. White Waverly curtain with the same wide as window is hung on the ceiling in front of the window, while the brown Waverly curtain with wider and shorter size than the white is hung on the ceiling in front of the white curtain.

Green kitchen curtains

green kitchen curtainsgreen color is always suitable to be applied in any room. Light green and white color composition on this green kitchen curtains are suitable with sage green color painted on the kitchen wall. Drapery style arrangement on this curtain make it looks luxurious and expensive while offering simple and classic accent around it. Red and green plant motif on the middle of shorter curtain on the part and the lower part of curtain gives sweet accent on the curtain as one of classic kitchen curtain ideas. Pleated sewing on the top edge of this curtain beautify the whole appearance of this green kitchen curtain.

Chef kitchen curtains

chef kitchen curtainsItalian accent is created on this chef kitchen curtain with chefs cooking in their kitchen motif. Common rectangle curtain covers ¾ lower part of the kitchen window. Cream or light brown color is applied as backdrop color on this curtain. Chef and its kitchen nuance motif are located on the lower part, wavy line of red and white checkers motif applied under the chef motif. There is another wavy line colored in brown and black applied under the checkers motif. Lace stitching style on the top edge is located on the pole slip area. We usually find this curtain on Italian restaurant or pizza shop.