Modern interior is continuously changing and this year the overall trend is to keep the design and decoration simple in a way that gives a dramatic impact.

Different styles and trends suit different people, so I have collected a number of trends to look out for this year to hopefully give you some inspiration

 Saturated Colours

If being bold isn’t for you and you prefer to keep your colours safe – having a room of beiges, greys and whites can look very sophisticated and clean.

The newest trend is to add a few darker shades to your saturated room. It may seem daunting, but the odd piece of furniture can look really striking and dramatic. Perhaps you could get a darker colour sofa.


To get a luxurious twist on your room, using a mix of textures and materials such as velvet and suede will add richness and quality to any decorated room. It is important to get the right amount of these materials without over doing it.

Having a velvet throw over the arms of your sofa will be a delicate addition.

Not only do these materials add some luxury, they are also very durable.


There will always be room for old classic patterns and decor, but in 2014, you should ditch the decaying floral patterns and replace them for a modern take of the floral pattern.

This year is not a good year for moth eaten ‘granny’ certains – find a new pair of curtains with a clean and fresh appearance.


 Clash of the Patterns

It is understandable that pattern clashing isn’t for everyone and it might be quite controversial, but some of the best looking rooms are full of clashing patterns.

When clashing patterns, it is advised to stick to the same colour scheme so that the appearance of the room is not too psychedelic.

Pattern clashing is a popular style for bedrooms.  Your choice of wallpaper might either be plain and simple or very busy and full of bold patterns. In this case, a clash of bedding could work really well and reflect a very bubbly and bouncy personality.

 Light Coloured Wood

This year will go crazy over caramel and honey colours. That is why light coloured wood will be popular everywhere. A dining room with a light coloured wood table and chair set will have a soft and beautiful impact.

This lighter wood mixes perfectly with a soft colour palette but the good thing about this furniture is that it is versatile and will go with almost anything.

 Country Room

Shabby chic is becoming loved by many. Rooms full of shabby chic furniture can end up looking just like a room taken straight from a country house.

It makes for a very homely atmosphere and looks edgy and vintage at the same time.

The perfect country room is best painted in off-white colours. This gives you a blank canvas to add as much shabby chic furniture as you like.

Antique looking decor can also modernise a county looking room to make it that little bit more new and fresh.



Art doesn’t need to come in the form of a sculpture or a canvas, 2014 is the year of artistic rooms. Using materials with an ink effect on or a paint splashed effect on your walls instantly makes for a very creative house – reflecting a very creative family!

It can look really striking to add real forms of art to your walls as well as the art embroidered into your decor!


We all wish every day was a holiday. Now, you can at least make yourself feel like it is. Tropical wildflowers and bird wallpapers are available almost anywhere now. The other way you can make your room look tropical is to paint your walls a simple matte black and add a variety of wall stickers.

To create a warm atmosphere, combine reds, oranges and yellows in the furniture and decorations.

 Colours of the Year

  • Sky blue – a colour that brings peace to a room and makes us feel calm and relaxed. Sky blue can also look cold and daunting though if it is not put with other colours that bring out warmth.
  • Dark purple- a colour of decadence and romance. This is a dark colour that is moody without being too harsh. It makes a room look warming and luxurious. Dark purple can also make a room look quite gothic if put with the right decor and colour (black).
  • Mint green – another cooling colour. Mint green is soft yet unique as a choice of wall colour and when put with other pale blues, it can create a serene atmosphere that can appear to be gentle like a beach setting.

Decorating each room in your house is a big challenge. It is important to decorate in a way that will suit the theme and style of your interest as well as feeling comfortable and giving off the right aura and atmosphere.

There are so many different styles to choose from and luckily more than one room in a house (I hope!), so vary each room with a new style thats modern, clean and completely full of personality.

What trends of interior interest you this year? Leave comments below

This blog was written by Rachel Jensen on behalf of “, the interior designers.