Igloo ice house design always interesting to learn. Eskimo tribes dwelling house has a unique dome-shaped design that can keep them from the cold polar temperatures up to minus 46°C. Have you ever think about sleep in Igloo the ice house? Now everything is possible with Kakslauttanen resort in Finland. Don’t be afraid of cold temperatures because the Igloo was built with many kind of facilities to keep you warm and comfortable when you are inside. A special resort built in snow areas with Igloo Village consists of 20 houses ready to rent. Not only Igloo village, Kakslauttanen resort also offers various attractive facilities for impressive winter recreation activities such as ice restaurant, ice gallery and ice church for baptism. Perfect place to ice wedding theme.

Glass Igloo house with beautiful sky views

Kakslauttanen Igloo Ice House Interior Image 169There are 20 Igloo house that is divided in several spots. Although built-in Igloo concept, but this house is not made of ice rather than glass and wood make it relatively warmer. Glass is also not ordinary glass but using thermal glass that makes the snow won’t stick and always clear so you can still continue to see the sky at night. Every house also equipped with a toilet and luxury beds. You will facilitated with woolen blanket, shock and warm down sleeping bag to keep warmth when temperature outside drops to under -30°C.
Kakslauttanen Igloo Ice House Aurora Image 170Here you will also enjoy views of the fabulous and unusual sky views. The atmosphere of the sky in the Kakslauttanen is very different, that’s why there Igloo houses roofed glass. Colorful Aurora lights always graced the sky at night. Light like this too often found in South Pole.
Kakslauttanen Igloo Ice House Design Image 171

When you feel cold, don’t worry because hot sauna are available every evening complete with refreshing ice hole. To enjoy Eskimos life at this Glass Igloo you have to spend money about U.S. $ 458, not expensive for a new sensation of sleeping on the frozen. The Igloo Village open every year start from December until January. If winter lasted longer, this resort open until end of April. Maybe a trip to Finland fares are very expensive.

Other cool facilities in Kakslauttanen Igloo Ice Village

Kakslauttanen Igloo Ice Facilities Image 172Bar : Like the other buildings, this bar is also made using ice. Various types of alcohol, beer and other warmers beverage are available. Ice bar has capacity to accommodate more people also equipped with furniture like general bar.
Snow Chapel : This unique ice Church was built in Glass Kota. Glass Kota building also use the thermal glass with total areas 8 metres high and 8 metres wide. Perfect places for cake party after or before wedding ceremony.

Ice gallery : Here you will see amazing ice sculptures from various famous sculptor. In addition every traveller can also make their own carve guided by professional ice crafter. They also received an order for a specific form of ice craft according to the request.

Summer tours : Not only the white snow or cold air temperatures. Green leaves, brown land and black rock can you see in Summer tours packet. Many outbound activities are ready to choose such as ATP, Trekking and hiking, Mountain and downhill biking, Nordic walking, Mushroom and berry picking also Survival Training. You can find more info about this amazing resort at ( http://www.kakslauttanen.fi )