Are you so curious about Justin Bieber house look like? As a popular singer, Justin Bieber also has dream for his future house. His 17th birthday is almost coming precisely on March this year; a new house surely becomes the gift idea for Justin Bieber. Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette, and grandmother are searching a house near Westwood area in L.A. But it is still a secret actually until the Justin’s birthday come, this house will be his birthday present. And now let’s start to know more what’s in the Justin Bieber house.

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This special birthday present is really large and of course so expensive. With glamorous external appearance of house, it costs about $1, 7 million. The total size of this Justin Bieber house is 2. 400 square feet, it is very large with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and even tennis field. Justin Bieber house in AtlantaPictures of Justin Bieber houseThe external look of this cream house looks like it is built in western style, but all of the rooms in it has luxurious and modern design. This house has two floors building and a third floor building as main building located in the front. Palm trees on green carpet grass are arranged near the street as like tropical area in this house.


Bedroom in Justin Bieber house

Modern accent will be gotten in this bedroom. Grey is selected to cover the entire bedroom wall and floor. Dark brown wooden king bed is located on the middle of the center wall. White bed sheet on the bed is covered by cream and black blanket near the bed foot. The uniqueness of this bed is that it has installed bedsides which are used to store books and accessories. Two unique hanging lamps are hung lower close to these bedsides as bedroom illumination. Glossy white closet located close on the wall beside the bed.


Kitchen in Justin Bieber houseContrast with the bedroom theme color, this kitchen dominated by glossy red color on the kitchen cabinets. This narrow style of white kitchen set in long arrangement included its dining room. Storage, cooking, and cleaning area are arranged in a line on long kitchen cabinet on a side of wall. And on the other side of wall, wine buffet cabinet and long grey sofa with long rectangle dining table are located. Some red dining chairs are placed on the other side of white dining table to accommodate more Bieber’s friends or families.


Bathroom in Justin Bieber houseGrey is still selected to covers the entire wall in this modern bathroom. Large grey ceramic tiles are applied to cool this fresh room. A white curved triangle bathtub is located in the corner. Next to the bathtub, double wooden bathroom vanity is created with mirror cabinet and drawer pulls to store clean towels. The large window near the bathtub is covered by white curtain; there is a grey sofa with Dalmatian skin pattern cushion on it located in front of the window.

Living room

Living room in Justin Bieber houseOne of living room in this Justin Bieber house has L shape long cream sofa to accommodate many friends of him especially when the movie is began on a large LCD TV in front of the sofa arrangement. Wooden glass coffee table is located in the center to hold snacks and beverages. Other living room in this house has white grand piano in the corner. Other large LCD TV is installed on the wall with white sofa in front of it. King size bed is located near the grand piano to use when Justin felt tired. A set of dining table with two wing chairs can accommodate Bieber families when celebrating Christmas.

Tennis field

Tennis field in Justin Bieber houseTennis field becomes one of home exercise feature in this luxurious house. High net fence is installed surround the field to avoid the ball out of the house area. Fresh nuance is created by blue sky and green plant scenery around this blue tennis field. This tennis field is perfectly built near the house which can ease Justin to come and out of the house without walking faraway. Really amazing house for a young boy with good talent.