Japanese sliding doors has its uniqueness anywhere it is applied. If you have ever watched some Japanese movie which uses traditional house to be its background scene, this oriental doors would always appear. Currently, this traditional sliding doors has been applied not only in Japan, but also it is also applied in the houses of some other countries which applied this door to create contemporary, traditional, and even modern style of Japanese culture as their home decoration theme. There are some special characteristics of Japanese sliding doors, so that people will be easy to recognize it when they saw it anywhere.

Japanese sliding door characteristic

Do you know checkers game or chess? Japanese sliding doors or most known as Shoji doors always apply this pattern on its surface as its special characteristic.

  • Wood and paper are the material combination to make this lightweight sliding door. It is because earthquake often happens in Japan, so that these kinds of material are safe to be installed in Japanese traditional house.
  • Fiber, cloth, and plastic material such as Plexiglas are also used to replace glass on this sliding door. They give privacy and diffuse light as natural lighting in the room.
  • The style of shoji sliding door is commonly simple and flexible and not to much accessories. And there is natural touch on it with natural color and material which make them blend with nature around it.

Japanese sliding closet door

Japanese sliding closet doorsBesides applied as room divider, exterior, or interior door, it can also be applied as closet door. This black Japanese sliding closet doors is made of beech wood which is set as closet body and sliding door frame. On the shoji part or its sliding door, white expanded PVC or rice paper is used to cover this closet.

Other choices of covering can be selected such as: natural cotton fabric, rice paper on transparent PVC, Plexiglas, plasticize rise paper, and other natural material which is replaceable and affordable. The whole of this Japanese sliding closet doors is lightweight and smoothly in sliding.

Unique Japanese sliding doors: The Fusuma

Unique Japanese style sliding doorsThis unique Japanese sliding doors is commonly called as fusuma in Japan. It is made of wood, cloth, or paper which is combined together. On this four fusuma panel surfaces there is such pattern or hand printing art as its characteristic in black, white, and green color. Unique bonsai image is drawn on each of sliding door panel. On the bonsai, there are some human characters which are drawn to reflect sexuality relationship. And there are some written bubbles in Japanese letter to represent the characters thought. Each of panel has different art which drawn on it, but the whole sliding door panel has the same reflection of sexuality art on them. Two middle fusuma panels have off-white color as their backdrop, while the two others have pure white color as their backdrop color. This unique sliding door is used as room divider which can be removed or just be opened to join the rooms flexibly.