Japanese room divider is the best solution to solve the partition problem and complete the natural home decoration in the house. Commonly, room divider is used to separate an area to other area in a room as like in studio apartment which does not have any wall to separate the room. Privacy becomes the one of main reason to use room divider. One of stylish room partition is Shoji room divider which offers natural and simple accent as room partition in the house. There are many choices of Japanese room divider style which can be selected and purchased as desire.

Japanese folding divider

Japanese folding divider is the best choice to separate the room and give some private area from the floor to higher size of it rather than hanging room divider or curtain which still leaves the bottom part opened. Checkers is special characteristic on Japanese folding room divider; dark brown wood and white rice paper are the best composition to create private area behind it. Simple Japanese folding room dividerAs its name, this room divider can be folded and removable when it is not used. Three panels which are about 35 cm of width and more than 150 cm of height are connected by two hinged on each of edge. Traditional and simple are accent which would be gotten by applying this Japanese folding room divider.

Japanese shoji room divider

Japanese shoji screen room divider with wooden frameShoji is a kind of wall in traditional Japanese houses. Shoji is usually used as room divider, sliding door, windows, or others with checkers style on its surface. Japanese shoji room divider is created as sliding door room divider. When it is closed, this Japanese shoji looks like Japanese house wall. But it would be quite unique when it is closed, because there will be three layers of panel which are arranged like stairs when the doors are opened in the right and left direction. Wood and paper are material which still dominates this shoji room divider, the lightweight wood has light brown color as wood natural color and white on the paper to diffuse light. The checkers style covers the entire of the panel except the two rows on the bottom which are completely covered by wood.

Japanese sliding divider

Japanese sliding room divider for small studio apartment

This Japanese sliding room divider separates the tatami room to the back yard area in the traditional Japanese house. It has two panels which become one if this sliding room divider opened, a panel would be hidden behind the other panel. Light brown of wood frames the white rice paper to create checkers style on it. This Japanese style divider diffuses the light which comes in the room through the white paper. Square checkers with slim wood frame are arranged in four rows horizontally, and it is about a square row on the bottom part covered by wood.

Japanese hanging divider

Japanese hanging room dividerActually this room divider ideas also has a function as stand room divider which can be applied as room condition. With folding style on this four panel room divider, it gives more space to separate the room. The design of this room divider is unique with a kind of fiber or straw to replace a paper as common Japanese room divider. This fiber installed on three rectangle rows on the top and the bottom part of each panel, and wood frame without fiber on the top on the fiber rows, the middle panel, and the bottom under the fiber rows. To hang this Japanese hanging room divider, transparent string on each of panel would gives unique accent on this room divider.