When it comes with Japanese and Australia accent, you will definitely think of two different culture combined together. Well, perfect combination of Japanese and Australian kitchen style by Darren James take a natural space concept on it. Darren said that this kitchen took ‘ma’ concept of Japanese to give such a freedom space in this modern kitchen. It can be looked at the wood floor applied on the entire kitchen space included living room and dining room area next to it.

Wood becomes the natural symbol in Japanese, so it is applied here to represent the Sakura Country’s accent. The Australian accent can be looked at the modernity appliances installed in this kitchen. Well, let’s start with the Japanese accent. Kind of bamboo track lamps applied on the ceiling above the countertop are perfect to “fight” the real modern concept which usually uses glossy materials. There are two bamboo track lamps combined with fabrics shades. The storage area where the stainless steel refrigerator and complete kitchen cabinet kits located are featured by wooden sliding glass door. The doors seems try to adopt the traditional Japanese door style called fushuma.
Modern Japanese Kitchen DesignsJapanese Kitchen StorageThis Japanese storage area has wooden wall for the external and internal side which is different with the other wall concept. Other accent in this kitchen is applied on the stool bars arranged for the rectangular modern island bar for breakfast spot. Simple wooden stools designed with unique seat look so traditional. The modernity of Australian style in this kitchen is clearly displayed in the storage area. When the storage door is closed it will certainly seen as Japanese style, but when it is opened full stainless steel and grey color covered the appliances and metal cabinet on it. It looks so modern even only with the Japanese wood floor.

Light grey and white are applied on the counter top and wooden laminated is applied on the counter top for preparation area. Square style of two sinks and a spiral faucet looks adorable complete the two cultures in this kitchen. Stainless steel dominates the stove area behind the countertop. There is floor to ceiling solid wood cabinet which is designed with installed stainless steel ovens and wine storage. Generally, Darren James success create a unique innovation that combines two conflicting concepts between modernism and traditional that contains of the simplicity, clean, and natural sense.