Japanese bedroom design is a unique bedroom design that becomes the most wanted design for people who like Japanese culture. Not only the Eastern who want to have simple, minimalist, and elegant design from the Japanese bedroom, western people and other people who love Japanese culture want to change their bedroom to become a sunrise country style. Even tough Japan is so familiar with its high technology; Japanese still hold the traditional culture within their life. We still often see that they still hold the traditional ceremony and some traditional attributes/ properties such as kimono, samurai, ikebana, Tatami, Ofuro, and many others. So does their traditional bedroom design. We still often see that there are still many traditional Japanese house within the modern world like nowadays. The traditional Japanese bedroom becomes one of the greatness styles which is now applied in many modern countries especially in western countries.

We all know that Japanese bedroom design is so familiar for us. We imagine that Japanese bedroom design has some unique characteristics. The transparent windows or walls, Tatami floor, boards of bed, and the windows facing the sun are some characteristics of Japanese bedroom style.

Bedding options

Japanese Bed Design Image 202Bedding we used for creating a Japanese bedroom is a lower bedding compared to common bedding we used for our bedroom. Besides that, we Japanese bedroom style is also identical with philosophy. Let’s look some properties used to decorate Japanese bedroom style. A rough woven mat which is soft on the surface in which the Japanese call it as Tatami is commonly used for matting the floor in order to be warm. Then, a low futon under high windows also becomes the main characteristic of Japanese bedroom design.

Wooden sliding doors and transparent window

Japanese Bedroom Sliding Doors Design Image 203The windows and wall of Japanese bedroom design are extremely different. This kind of design is so identical with elegance and simplicity. Japan’s bedroom door built-in wooden sliding doors with transparent background of mica. Windows are often made on the east and west in order to get more sunlight to warm the room.


Japanese Bedroom Acessories Decoration Image 204

A soft pillow, porcelain bowl, rough wooden table, and black stones are some accessories of Japanese bedroom style we want. The opposite of blend properties and accessories used in Japanese bedroom style has a meaning of philosophy as Sabi: an integral part of home design. An accessory like Kanji painting, for instance, will strengthen the sense of traditional Japanese culture on Japanese bedroom design. If we look at Japanese people rarely use high furniture in arranging the room. Due to avoid items falling because Japan is known as an earthquake-prone country.

Natural and fresh colors

Nature is the main concept or theme of Japanese bedroom. So, we commonly see that the use of some natural colors such as brown, green, yellow are used to cover some interior decoration of Japanese bedroom decor. Sometimes, there is another style of Japanese bedroom decor which uses a porch as the main part of the room. Usually, the bed faces directly toward the porch as the intention for being united with the nature.

Tatami floors

Japanese Bedroom Flooring Tatami Design Image 201Tatami or rice straw is most used material for Japanese room floor. Straw rice processed with various stages such as drying, weaving, and pressing before it can be used for the carpet. Current many carpets designed to resemble the Tatami structure: striped like farm fields. Tatami are usually light brown or pale green colored and coated with a traditional polishing to make it durable.