Japanese bathroom is popular with its classic and traditional shape also commonly found with wooden short stool, large bath tube, body brush, unique bathroom vanity and its warm water. Since the Japanese always do their activities at day, bathroom is their final place to recharge power and reduce the exhausting at night. There is a characteristic and special style of Japanese bathroom style where many houses in Japan apply it. But currently there are many improvements on this special style which make the Japanese bathroom become more elegant and modern.

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Traditional design

Wood is earth element which commonly used as Japanese bathroom material. It is because wood can be great combination with water to create natural and primitive nuance in the bathroom. The entire of this traditional Japanese bathroom is made of wood. On a side of wall, shaded windows are set as natural illumination on the bathroom at day. In the corner of the bathroom, grey granite curved bath tube has a circle tube on the center of it.

Traditional Japanese bathroom design with stone saunaA lower half wall in this bathroom covered by granite as like grey granite covering the tube. Stainless steel faucet and shower hose are located on the left side of the bath tube. A wooden circle with long handle on the middle is used to cover the circle tube on the bath tube; it is put on the right side of the bath tube. On the bathroom floor, two square stools stand together to hold the water dippers and a head towel. A pair of wooden sandal in front of the tube completes the traditional accent in the bathroom.

Modern style

Modern Japanese bathroom style with ceramic bathtubWood is also still applied in the modern Japanese bathroom. Wooden paper with two bamboo sticks applied vertically covers the bathroom wall. Light brown color of this wooden paper wall makes the bathroom looks fresh and relaxes. White ceramic bath tube has square shape which installed on a wooden stage in the corner of the bathroom. This wooden stage surface is black which contrast to the pure white bath tube color on it. There is a short black square pole in a side of the bath tube where the water comes through its hole. Bathing stuffs such as: soap, brush, and towel put in a wooden basket beside the square pole. A pot of the green grass decorates the bathroom in front of checker paper wall in the left side.

Luxurious ideas

Luxurious Japanese bathroom ideas for minimalist or modern home

Light brown makes this luxurious Japanese bathroom becomes unique with lighting effect. A rectangle grey stone is built to frame pure white ceramic bath tube. This tube looks so comfortable to use in laying position. A stainless steel faucet is installed in the middle of a tube side. A small square plate is located on other side of tube to store a soap and folding towel. Beside the bath tube, a stainless steel standing rack is used to store wet towels. On the other side near the checker paper sliding door, two dark brown square cabinets are arranged vertically to store other bathing stuffs. In front of the tube, a short table and a seat pillow put to other activity.

Wooden sauna

Wooden Japanese sauna by Takoji TomokiSauna is a place where people can do relaxing and healthy activity only by seat in a steam room. Wood is a material which applied in the entire of this Japanese wooden sauna. In this wooden small room, a wooden rectangle bath tube with two back chair facing each other in it. There is a stainless steel faucet and shower hose installed on the wall behind the bath tube. A small wooden window is located above the shower crane; some white towels are hung next to it. In front of the door, there is a wooden square faucet with open cabinet under it.