Is your creative imagination waiting to take wing? Is your brain brimming with ideas related to design, color, structure and so on? True, you can opt for fashion designing or Fine Arts as suitable careers, but do give a thought to interior designing as an interesting career too. Probably, it is the best way to bring all your innovative talents to the fore.

Interior Designing is a Profession

Several people invite a decorator to furnish the interiors of their new residences in a novel way. Such a person is obviously capable of making a space as aesthetically appealing as possible. Nevertheless, the interior decorator is not to be mistaken for an interior designer. Interior decoration is an occupation, while interior design is a profession. 

Educational Qualifications and Experience are Important

Obviously, you do not want to be a mere decorator; you would like to establish a lucrative career in the U.S. This becomes possible only when you apply for admission into an accredited institution that offers a four-year course in interior design. Alternatively, you may apply for a three-year certification program. Additionally, you may go in for a one-year or a two-year professional degree after your undergraduate course, especially if you wish to advertise that interior designing can be an interesting career. 

Despite having a degree, you will become eligible for practice only after clearing a written examination conducted by the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications in various States. A prerequisite for the exam is “experience”. Apply for apprenticeship at an architecture or design firm, and stay there for a few years under the vigilant eyes of an experienced supervisor. Once your performance has been deemed satisfactory, you may acquire a license for professional practice. Begin your career as an assistant.

Knowledge is Essential for Progress

Admittedly, not everyone who builds a new house or sets up a new office will require your services; they may be content with ‘simplicity’. In contrast, there are people who are very fond of unique décor; this décor represents an extension of their personalities. Therefore, if you are to ensure that everything ‘looks just right’ in hospitals, educational institutions, business establishments, residences, shopping malls and so on, you will need to possess specialized knowledge. It is imperative that aspects like space, textures, furnishings, lighting and colors are brought together in a harmonious, safe and functional blend. Visitors must get a feel of the atmosphere within, and you will be able to comprehend how this is done with the aid of information transmitted by experts. Be an intelligent and dedicated student and apprentice; within no time, you will be able to reach the top of your field, professionally and financially.

Interior Design

You Have Five Career Choices

The majority of students remain content with general interior designing. If you wish to follow their example, you might need to brush up on your knowledge of colors and changing trends, every so often. As a residential designer, you will be expected to mix-and-match fabrics, furnishings and style in as natural a manner as possible. Space should neither be overcrowded, nor wasted. As a commercial designer, you will be offered jobs at educational institutions, offices, retail stores, hotels and restaurants. 

The question is, “will you be satisfied with the above if you are serious about converting your interior designing skills into an interesting career?” Maybe not; then, you should go in for furniture designing. Newer kinds of materials are being used all the time, to create household and commercial furniture. Carpenters and suppliers do not hesitate to experiment. Curtains, rugs and other accessories are also considered as a part of the furniture. You might find it challenging to create different themes for various kinds of interiors. Then again, you can work with clients and suppliers simultaneously. 

It is no less thrilling to work as an interior designer for exhibitions. Here, sales depend upon presentations. Use your passion for colors, excellent visual imagination and innovative brain to ensure marvelous displays in alignment with the theme of the exhibition. You will need to have awareness about custom build designs, modular stand designs, floor management, exhibition designs and museum designs, based upon the location of the displays. The advantage is that you can use your digital knowledge to the maximum.

In case you love to play around with lights, you may go in for lighting design. Sufficient knowledge about shades, light fittings, luminaries, electrical wiring and various styles of lighting, should serve you well in this arena. Finally, there is kitchen designing, wherein style and functionality have to be balanced via knowledge of temperature, maintenance and replacement procedures.

Every time you see the outcome of your exertions, you are bound to be highly pleased. Every experience will leave you feeling that interior designing is indeed an interesting career. You have made the right choice!

Interior Design Career