“There’s no place like home”, the phrase we all love to say. Whether we are millionaires or whether we are living on a shoestring budget, our home is special because to us and our loved ones so there is no reason why we shouldn’t take pride in it and have it reflect the personalities of the people who live in it.

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Here are some ideas that will allow you to do just that, without throwing you into further debt.

home decorating on a budget

First things first-Plan, plan, plan.

It’s important that you take some time to look around every room in your house to assess what you really need first, so that you can make wise choices. Don’t go out buying the first set of items you see-even if they are cheap or on sale!

Look around the room and make a list of everything that you would like to replace-then look for ways to revamp it instead of replacing it.

Sometimes items of old furniture may not even need to be replaced, but just fixed. You will be amazed at what a coat of paint, some sand paper and tools can do.

Does that old couch really need to be thrown out, or just re-up-holstered?

One man’s trash is another’s treasure

If you do have to buy, try classified websites and yard sales for great bargains on second hand items. A broken item is not the end of the world. If you are prepared to fix a broken item, you can save more money by asking for a discount on these items.

decor on a budget


The world is becoming increasingly environmentally aware. Reduce, re-use , recycle is the motto echoed everywhere. Besides loving our environment, this principle can be used to inspire creative and affordable ways to furnish and adorn our homes.  Before you throw away your old junk, consider creative ways to re-use them. Here are some quick suggestions:

  • Old rags can be sewn together to make a rug
  • Old jars can be turned into beautiful lanterns for around the house and even in the garden using cheap Christmas lights.
  • Old magazines can be glued together to make a side-table

 Don’t just paint, get creative with paint

Create interesting textures with paint

Instead of simply slathering paint on the walls and waiting for it to dry, think of some textures you can add to the walls to create a beautiful effect. You can do this with tape, sponges, brushes. Doing this can make your home look very expensively decorated, with just a can of paint and some extra effort.

Instead of re-painting the entire room, how about just one wall? Not only will this save a bit of paint, but it can create an interesting contrast within the room.

Paint is not just for walls: Painted ceilings. Ceilings are usually ignored and simply painted white. By adding a complementary color to the ceiling it brightens and livens up a room. The same principle applies to the doors and even floors if you are daring enough to try.

Organize space Multi-functional Spaces:

Sometimes décor is not even a matter of acquiring new items but of making the most of what you have. A desk can double as a dressing table by using a removable mirror, and removable drawers.

Stairs can be seats with some big cushions. Use a window sills or a broken fridge as a bookshelves.

Don’t be afraid to use vertical space. Get a few hooks and some shelving and voila! Hanging items not only saves space, but if arranged cleverly can serve as a decorative piece as well. Hang the kids bicycles up in their rooms, hang coffee mugs up.

And finally don’t be scared to make it your own.

The list is endless, look around your house and simply think outside of the box. Remember, where you don’t have money, you just have to compensate with imagination. It can be even more exciting than hiring a professional and spending a whole lot of money. By doing everything yourself, your home will start to feel like it’s really yours.