Bill Gates as the main chairman of Microsoft Computer Software surely has amazing home design. To design and to decor the exterior and interior home, he does not think about how much money he must spend to decorate and to design an incredible and comfortable home. As one of the millionaires in the world, Bill Gates has unique house. When we look at Bill Gates home interior, it is so fantastic. It emphasizes natural theme in which most of interior design shows off all things naturally. Let’s see what else Bill Gates Home Tour which is ‘must’ be visited by us as the Gate fans. First point that will be review on Bill Gates Home tour is Gates home interior. At glance, we will see that almost home interior design uses natural theme. This means that natural theme becomes the main focus of Gates home interior design. Dominantly, he uses wood, stones, and glasses for decorating his home interior design. You must be curious how about the living room, kitchen, home theater, and others.

Bill Gates House Maps Image 202

Luxury living room design

Bill Gates Living Room Aquarium Image 198As what has been reviewed before, Gates home mostly uses natural theme for his home interior design. When we see, Gates living room is the most fantastic living room in the world. He ever said that his house is the representation of the future house. A big 3D aquarium wallpaper as the wall of living room will surprised all people who come in. having Bill Gates Home tour is fun and amazing thing for the visitors. You as one of the visitors, before entering Gates’ rooms, will be given the pin to guide you in adventuring every single room of Bill Gates. This pin will inform you where you are. The pin also will give you the light when you are in dark place and it will turn off its light when you are walking away from the dark place. There are still many surprises in Gates living room.


Amazing kitchen

Bill Gates Kitchen Design Ideas Image 199Like the living room, Gates kitchen is also so unique and fun kitchen kind. The electronic properties become the main kitchen properties in this room. Then, the most unique thing of Gates kitchen is that almost properties are Bill Gates-pictured and labeled. We will see Gates-pictured bowl, cup, plate, and many others.

Giant home theater

Bill Gates Home Theater Image 200As the founder of popular computer software, Bill Gates has designed his Home Theater with modern digital revolution. All home theater properties used are so modern and high-technology. You will imagine how modern it is after we see smart living room, high-technology Gates kitchen, and what else name for this modern and smart Gates home theater?

Classic stone fireplace

Bill Gates Fireplace DesiBill Gates may be one of the leaders in technological innovation, especially in software development. Through Microsoft Corp, thousand of useful and interesting software work he created. But not so with the fireplace in his house. Classic fireplace theme in an old stone house used to give a different touch in a high-technology house.