Being a city-slicker or living in an apartment without an outdoor garden does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy having plants in your home.
Having plants in the home can add a soothing, fresh atmosphere to the home- a great way to bring the outdoors indoors. Whether you want to go full out and have an entire ecosystem in your living room or simply want to add a splash or greenery to your otherwise concrete jungle of a home, there are a lot of ways to you can use indoor plants as part of your interior design.

The right plants for the right space

As opposed to every other design element like furniture, paint or ornament s, it is not just a matter of how a plant looks in a space, whether it goes with the rest of the decor, or even about whether it is functional. The real consideration to take into account is the fact that this is a living thing and has to stay alive
Before choosing a plant that you think will look great, you may have to do a bit of homework. For example, does this plant need sunlight or shade?, warmer or cooler temperatures? Does it need to be watered a lot? Will it grow very large and need a bigger pot and space? Another consideration if you have small children or pets that love to go around chewing on things is that some plants may even be toxic when eaten, so of course ask about this when purchasing a new plant.

Low maintenance indoor-happy plants:

You may want to start with the plants that are the easiest to maintain. Here are some suggestions of plants that make great indoor plants as they are low maintenance, complement and do well in an indoor setting and even help detoxify the air in the home:

African Violet: This plant is available in a variety of colors and can bloom all year long when exposed to enough sunlight.

Aloe- Not only does this plant offer numerous medicinal advantages, but it prefers dry soil, so you don’t have to water it every day.

Jade plant– Another great-looking succulent. It also prefers dry soil so it is low maintenance and lives very long if cared for. We’re talking years, even decades.

Pothos- This is a beautiful looking plant. It prefers drier soil so daily watering is not necessary. It survives in many different room temperatures and needs some light, but not too much, hence it can give you decorating options as it can be place almost anywhere and survive. It also has the ability more than most other plants to absorb toxins from the atmosphere.

Some other great options worth considering are:

Heart leaf Philodendron, Shamrock Plant, Snake Plant, Ficus, Areca Palm, Rubber tree, Spider-plant

Making the most of plants

Create an indoor garden

Instead on simply adorning the place with all sorts of pot-plants consider an actual indoor garden. An indoor entrance hall is very popular. As you enter your home, it will feel as if you are still outdoors.

Create a still life using plants

Don’t just use boring pots, get creative, recycle old ornaments into plant holders


Use interesting plant arrangements

It’s not just flower centre pieces at weddings that need arranging, plants around the house, even just greenery can use some creativity.


As you would color-co-ordinate your furniture with the curtains and carpets, why not use complementing colours of plants? Try contrasting flowing, hanging plants with smaller, shapelier plants ( such as the succulents). Several plants in one interesting pot can work wonders.


Most importantly, have fun with indoor gardening. It is a great way to allow nature into your home.