For those who like trying something different to make the house more extraordinary, an indoor bridge will be a good idea to apply here. This idea is unusual but it is nice to try. If you have a large area then you do not know what that is for, you can make a modern basement with the bridge there. In addition, indirectly, you bring a romantic myth in the construction. A number of people in Italy believe, when you are in the pool and under the bridge then you make a wish, the wish will come true. It is really essential to say that the meaning of the bridge is so deep. It is not just a construction to beautify your home. By implementing the idea, you bring a romantic value. That is good and stunning then.

This house is located in one of districts in Italy. The concept is still original and pure. You are able to see each corner around the pool. Besides the pool, you will get something interesting here. You can start with the wall. Gothic style is presented on the wall. Medieval presentation is also set there through decoration and the pool. Modernity is also there. The modern design dominates the basement. So, the designer still call it modern home. In addition, some mirrored materials are applied. It is so undeniable that the idea owned by the architect and the interior designer is brilliant and innovative. The limitless creativity is presented in one spot.

Indoor Bridge for Romantic Impression in Modern BasementThe area of the basement is quite large and open. It is set without many cabinetries, shelves, and other furniture. The interior designer let the area open and wide without any destruction. That is aimed to create a good space for party. You are able to invite your friends to gather there. They will be really impressed with the party. In fact, you do not need to try hard since the ambience has been created from the bridge and the pool. Those are the best sophistication for the party ever. It is guaranteed that your guests will compliment that. They enjoy being there for a night long.

For flooring, modern ceramic is chosen. That is good to highlight modern atmosphere in entire the basement. Italy is quite hot in summer. Ceramic will make the house more comfortable to live in. It can make the house cooler. Summer will be so magnificent by hanging out with some friends in the basement. You can serve fresh and cold beverages with some snacks. They will feel contented there.

From the discussion, it is able to know that there are some points that should be concluded. First, the architecture and interior design of the basement is truly adorable. The team has a good idea to bring romantic value in the basement through the pool and the bridge. Second, some styles are mixed. Those are gothic, modern, and also medieval. One point that you have to take into if you intend to adopt the idea is that you should have a large area. That is the basic requirement that you have to fulfill.