Eco awareness is important in our everyday lives. Besides the steps you are following by laws and regulations, you can give your own impact and refresh your home on the way. Apart from the costly solutions, there are many cheap flooring that you can even do yourself and make unique awesome designs. Check our low cost ideas, and provide yourself with a real cheap chic!

 Cover the Floor with Recycled Wooden Pallets

 If you are a hardwood floor follower, why not, try to develop one, but reusing wooden pallets. The visual effect might be different from the industrial perfect flooring, but it is still wood with all its performances preserved, and with reusing you will be saving a tree. The process is not different than the standard hardwood flooring. Only it demands slightly more pre-work in order to make the similar wood pieces. So after taking the pallets apart, you will need to do some light sanding. When you cover the floor with the ready pieces, do the coating. In years, the finishing can be redone several times.

Brown Paper Bag Floor

Cheap flooring alternative to this is laminate flooring, but with wooden pallets, you will enjoy a real wooden floor, in a contemporary design way.

This might seem unexpected, but paper bag flooring is a reality. With simple collecting brown paper bags form the supermarket and a little do it yourself work, you will have a floor finishing for the price at almost none. When you make sure you have a clean and smooth flat surface start covering the floor with bags and apply mix of water and glue with a brush. You can make patterns or even a marble-like effect. When done, do the covering. Beside it is cheap; it is pleasant for walking, soft and warm.

If you do not want to bother with patterns you can choose printed paper for your own flooring. Colorful paper floor will be better noticed than white floor tiles. As a warm flooring solution, with proper installation, it can be a great substitution or even a remodeling idea for bathroom tiles.

 old concrete floor

Concrete floor is not for industrial spaces any more. In contemporary interior design everything is mixed-up, and the polished concrete floor is a part of homes as well as the oak wood flooring. There are several techniques of staining the concrete floor. It is an advanced flooring option and fits great with any furniture, even different styles. If you keep the walls simple, you can hardly make a mistake in choosing furniture.

paint it up floor

The most obvious and simple remodeling idea is coloring your old floor, instead of costly new finishing layer. It could be a simple but great bedroom decor idea to do the changes and introduce a color you like, just for your own enjoyment.