IKEA kitchen is one of special feature which offered by big furniture manufacture this year. This special feature by IKEA offered to help the customer to choose, design, and decorate their dream kitchen. Various modern, classic also minimalist kitchen design are provided by IKEA with unique and luxurious kitchen cabinets, colors, materials and appliances. Numerous color choices to cover the kitchen cabinets, appliances, wall, floor, even the ceiling are ready to be applied as desire. There are also many kinds of kitchen style which can be applied in any size of kitchen in the house. Today we chose the 5 best designs for your reference in building a kitchen.

Lime green and white colors

Green IKEA kitchen design ideasThe first IKEA kitchen is designed with green accent on the kitchen cabinets to give fresh ambience in this kitchen. Pure white wall color covers the entire of the wall in this modern U shape kitchen design. On a wall side, floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets are installed to cover the wall. One of them is located in the corner and has door cabinets with small simple handle on it to store any kitchen stuffs. There is also a larger cabinet which is colored in pure white color on the lower part, and lime green on the upper part. Oven and microwave are located on the middle of the white cabinets with some cabinets surround it which have the same simple handle like the corner cabinet. Open shelf is located between the lime green and white cabinet to store colorful glass, bowl, and bottles. On the other side of U shape, there is shorter lime green counter with faucet on it. Two white unique stools are placed in the external side of this counter.

White minimalist

White IKEA kitchen design ideasWhite IKEA kitchen design is perfect choice for someone who have small area because all of the kitchen cabinets are made of wood and colored in white will make the space look wide than the actual size. Dark brown with smooth wood surface is installed as the countertop in this U kitchen shape. In the middle part, white wooden cabinet with framed glass door with lamp inside hang above the stainless steel sink as cleaning area in this modern kitchen. In the left side, stove set with its smokestack with oven under it is located between kitchen drawer pulls in the same kitchen cabinet as like the stoves. In the right side, a large countertop is used as preparation area with stainless steel dish washer under it. Two half globe stainless steel hang together above the countertop to illuminate it.

Modern rustic design

Modern IKEA kitchen design ideas

Modern rustic is the creative theme which is applied in this IKEA kitchen design. Bricked tiles in brown, maroon, and cream color cover the entire of the kitchen wall. A side of bricked wall is painted in blue-green color to fit the hexagonal tiles floor which is arranged in black, grey, white, and blue-green color. Stainless steel cabinet and appliances in this kitchen reflect the modernity in rustic theme. Wooden square dining table complete with the stool located in the center of the kitchen, some big black hanging lamps are hung above it. Smaller white hanging lamps are hung above the cooking area and the faucet.

Modern red

Red IKEA kitchen design ideasThe new IKEA kitchen for 2012 is set in L shape. Modern red cabinets are hanging to store many kinds of kitchen stuffs. On this L shape cabinet, the stoves with its smokestack above it and oven under it located between a white frame window and hanging racks. Stainless steel faucet with spiral tall crane on the short part of counter in L shape cabinets. Storage area or glossy white refrigerator is located in front of the stove beside another red cabinet in this modern kitchen.

Classic black

Rustic IKEA kitchen design ideasThe last IKEA kitchen combines the natural and modern element. All of the cabinets in this L shape kitchen are made of solid wood which painted in dark brown color. In the right side of the L shape, there is a cleaning area consists of white box sink with stainless steel crane and dish washer machine next to it.

Large windows on the wall behind the faucet give enough lighting for the kitchen. On other side of wall where the other L cabinets covers the wall, there is stove set with smokestack which is located between wooden counters and hanging cabinets. Double door wooden buffet is located in the left side to store the dining stuffs such as: plates, bowl, glasses, etc. Small square countertop is placed in the middle of the kitchen beside the dining table.