IKEA home office applying various kinds of best quality furniture which are designed, created, and arranged famous carpenter. Currently, the many people in the world has job and sometimes spend their spare time working in the house as well as in the office. They need a private place where there is no interruption when they are doing the job at home. IKEA home office furniture offers various styles of products which is comfort and effective to help the users doing the job efficiently. Enjoyable work atmosphere will be created with high quality office furniture such as: desk, bookcase, chair, and others in this home office.

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Red and white ideas

The first tidy home office furniture by IKEA looks like a small walk in closet. To make this home office closet becomes wider, clear white covers the entire of the wall. Some of open shelves are hung on the wall in the corner to form V shape in the home office cubicle. These shelves are used to store white and red storage boxes which are used to hide the untidy office stuffs and some office accessories such as: photo frame. Red and white IKEA home office furniture setThe lower part open shelves behind the computer screen are used to store some books, CD blanks, and other stuffs. White square desk is located in the corner of this home cubicle, it contains of white computer screen, white keyboard, red pencil case, red tissue box, and unique photo frame. Black office chair complete the simple IKEA home office.

Modern green home office

Modern IKEA home office design ideasSimple is not only an impression which can be created in a small home office. Modern accent with fresh touch color on it also can be created like this IKEA home office. White is the compulsory color fro small space to make it looks wider, so this color is chosen to be applied on this small home office. On a wall on the middle, lime green color look fresh to become the white shelves background wall color. In front of this green wall, unique white cabinet with hanging book shelf covers almost the entire of the green wall. White set of office desk with its green and white office chair facing each other is located in front of the unique cabinet. Small wooden stool is put on the other side to help the owners when they want to take the unreachable books on the bookshelf.   Black square rug is placed on the wood floor under the wooden stool. As the furnishing, various paintings are arranged on the wall beside the desk.

Simple home office

Simple IKEA home office

The next is simple home office design by IKEA looks clean with tidy furniture arrangement. The furniture is applied in a grey wall color. Simple white rectangle office desk is placed in the corner of the room. This desk is used to hold the PC set, pencil case, and two white and black desk lamps. Two different styles of chairs are located in front of this rectangle desk. In the left side of this desk, there is set of hanging and standing grey office cabinet to store a printer and others office stuffs. Behind the chairs, a big screen TV is placed on white cabinet. A couch is put in front of the TV screen to enjoy the movie. A large white framed glass window on the wall behind the desk gives much of natural lighting.

Unique home office

Unique IKEA home office designHave you ever seen an area combination between kitchen and home office? Even the cabinet between them is also parted to store the kitchen and office stuffs. It is quite unique but it is also a great idea for those people who live in a small house or a kind of studio apartment. This unique IKEA home office only uses an additional board connected in front of wooden cabinet as an office desk. Small office chair is placed between the dining table and this cabinet desk. Kitchen faucet is precisely located in the left side of the desk and office chair.