Have you ever had a box with stuff that you like all? If you ever have that experience, you must know the sensation that you feel when you are looking up IKEA Catalogue 2013. The collections there are entirely amazing. Each edge of the products is furnished perfectly. You can touch the products one by one then your marvelous skin will feel that. The texture is soft and strong. Softness is good to improve the look. Strength is the guarantee of durability. In addition, Furniture 2013 is dominated with lightness and simplicity.

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Unlike the previous catalogue spread out in many media in this world, the new catalogue has arrived to answer much of your question about many things related to the furniture design and tricks and tips offered to help you bring new life in the house because so many furniture products that you will be confused even in choosing them gently. All of those products are intentionally designed fresher, newer, cozier, more stylish and elegant in their own way following the room function inside the house. IKEA Catalogue 2013Well, actually IKEA always offers many benefits that come with its furniture and layout. IT is such smart solution to decorate the small space or appliance for your “small budget”. We think IKEA is leading in the kitchen furniture and office. Before we publish this post, we try to visit their online store and found the best seller product are the kitchen table and office table set with hundred sales.

Comes with more cleaver storage concept

Storage is always needed since it is related to the home interior decorating. And until now, IKEA always successfully provides great storage idea to give people the solution of limited space problems because most storage furniture offer simple and compact design with unique and elegant detail to press the modern look for the entire home. Now, in the 2013 edition, most storage furniture products allow you to hide the clutter while displaying the beauty in the room.

IKEA Online Catalogue 2013The best combination concept between shelving and bookcase becomes great idea to choose especially for small house and apartment space. Smarter storage concept allows you to benefit every single nook of the room space as efficient as possible. It’s offers more color schemes to choose on the shelving and bookcase to give you in determining solution of the limited space. Compact and minimalist racks in the kitchen, bathroom, and entrance room should be attractive enough for space occupancy.

Elegant and unique racks for scarf and coat looks in purposely designed for space saver furniture and decorative item at the same time. There are numerous ideas of smart space saver concept in the bathroom which offers more and more ideas of storage space to make the small even tiny space becomes spacious in inexpensive way.


New decorating concepts

Functionality is also what the main offer of IKEA this year. So, multifunctional storage supports the furniture pretty well. From the explanation above, if can be concluded that all items in the catalogue offer sturdiness, durability, wonderfulness, and multifunctional feature. You can find the best and gorgeous detail even on the ceiling with fabric DIY fabric decoration to reduce the noise in the room. In addition, smart narrow shelving application on very long wall as creative decorative wall decor looks pretty to try in your own decor.