IKEA bunk beds should be smart solution to minimize your limited bedroom space. Having more than two children is certainly pleasant news for you and family. But I may be worse news when you realize that there is no any space for their rooms. So that’s why smart furniture is needed to accommodate their sleeping room in the same place without add or reduce more space in the house.

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IKEA have become trusted worldwide furniture provider. This professional furniture manufacture always follows the latest home design trend to produce various home appliance and furniture in up to date design. IKEA bunk beds are one of the best furniture to complete your kid’s bedroom. It comes in various designs, colors, and materials. And it is made of high quality material and manufacturing method to ensure the durability.IKEA Bunk Beds

IKEA Bunk Beds for Space Saving Bedroom Furniture

Purchasing IKEA bunk beds allows you to get much benefits including save more room space in the bedroom. Well, this kind of bed type is intentionally designed for small space. It is purposely made with two even more levels of bed frame. It is available for any material which is typically safe for children with anti toxic and designed with soft surface. The best thing you need to know related to the bunk beds by IKEA is style and design variation.

As like other international furniture providers, IKEA bunk beds come in various models and types. Of course they offer different price rate because the level of quality is different from one to another. Color options become main factor in choosing bedroom furniture since many people apply specific theme for their kid’s bedroom. Don’t worry about this situation. It is because IKEA offers neutral color options just for you. They are including white, black, birch, and black brown.

IKEA Bunk Beds General Design

Since IKEA bunk beds come in various styles and models, we should describe them generally to enrich your inspiration before deciding to buy them. As like standard bunk bed, bunk bed by IKEA is designed with two versions of ladder design. Well, basically the design of bed ladder is similar. The difference is only found on the location concept of the ladder. Generally, bunk bed by IKEA is made of pine tree with soft manufacturing for safe product.

IKEA Bunk Beds Ideas


It consists of two levels of bed frame which are strong enough for children and even adult standard weight. It is sold with or without the mattress and this is according to your desire and budget. The bed ladder is made with strong steps to give access up and down bed frame. The ladder is simpler enough with slimmer dimension representing the space saving furniture. IKEA bunk beds always become great option for tiny bedroom space.

It even appears with three levels of bed designed specifically for triplet. The design of this triple bunk bed is similar with twin bunk bed. But the arrangement concept on the triplet IKEA bunk beds involves different direction for the upper bed level.