Bedroom is not only a private territory where you get rest after working all day long but also a place where you can be yourself. You explore your personality and taste through color, furniture, and also decoration there. In setting the layout, you also influence your preference on it. You do many things as long as it is in line to make you feel contented there. Regarding to that aspect, IKEA assists you by providing some themes and concepts through furniture and decoration that you can mix and match. You can pick one to complete another one. It is like you own a vase then you look for the proper flower for it.  Independence and fragility are mingled in one spot. Why is it so? For the independence, you can create for your privacy. Fragility is coming from your story written in the bedroom. So, that is why bringing personality is a must.

Products from

IKEA catches the need of beautiful products but still have cheap price. Then, perfect furniture and bedroom stuff is available in the some shops of IKEA. Large varieties are offered. You can take one set to make one element in line to another. IKEA Bedroom 2013 Designs

New design trend for 2013

There are numerous IKEA bedroom for 2013 which comes offers unique, smart, and efficiency concepts which become the hottest trend this year. We bet that they look stylish and elegant at the same time with appropriate wall and floor decor.

IKEA Bedroom 2013 IdeasIKEA Bedroom 2013 Design Ideas

2013 IKEA bedroom divide two versions of color scheme. They are namely: bright and bold. The bold color scheme is identical with dark color to give proper atmosphere for resting room at night. Deep blue and brown seem to be most used color schemes in 2013. The bold blue color is applied on the entire wall, while the dark brown is applied on the floor-to-ceiling blackout curtain.

IKEA Bedroom Sets 2013The most popular characteristic applied on the furniture. As leader of furniture provider, IKEA always offers compact, simple, and rich of innovation. No wonder that all products are designed simply with neutral colors options.

Great samples of 2013

Simplicity which identical with minimalist, compact and smart in managing the space can we see in some samples above. We will update as soon as new design released by the Scandinavian manufacture, so please stay tune.