For you fans of National Geographic Channel, The Igloo building, ice hose in the Arctic made by Eskimo tribe is certainly not foreign anymore. The building is made ​​from chunks of snow are arranged resemble a dome with a single main door. Doors made ​​like a tunnel aims to prevent the entry of cold wind directly into the room when the door opened. In addition to the North Pole, Igloo is also found in Green-Lands, Thule, Alaska and Canada.

How to build Igloo the Ice House

Eskimos have the ability to design and build this ice house that are passed from generation to generation. Ability to make home ice has been taught since childhood, especially in boys. FHow to build Igloo the Ice House Image 165irst make come up by d specifying the size of the Igloo, building construction and materials selection. Iglo construction come up with like spiral track leads to the top. This design allows all the parts got balanced pressure from weight stacks of material on it. Making it stronger and less prone to collapse although without frames. The building is only made when the winter season where temperatures minus 45 degrees. Selected materials from solid snow which can be found easily in the polar. The second steps is finding ideal location by plugging the stick into the snow to measure the thickness of the snow, and make basic. Then the snow dug until it reaches the ground or rock on snow’s bottom.

Snow cut into blocks with different curvature for different positions. The beams are then arranged and glued with a softer snow. Each seal doused with water to harden and close the pores. The water will quickly freeze in extreme temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius and become perfect adhesive. The next step is the creating a tunnel entrance where people must bow when passing through. This last one is manufacturing the window for illumination. Window sized bottles of champagne to minimize cold air coming in. Actually Igloo can also be made by carving the piles of snow or ice.

Igloo ice house interior design

Igloo Ice House Interior Design Ideas Image 168Igloo interior design is very simple with some room only. The bedroom is located on higher area of the house than the room near the entrance. The lower area of the Igloo is a space where the cold air assembled, because the cold air has a high specific gravity to flow down. Instead, the hot air has a low specific gravity flow to the top, so the bedroom are keep warm when installed heaters, lights. Eskimos people usually covering the living room with animal skins to make it warm.

Igloo types based on size and design

Igloo Ice House Design Ideas Image 166

  1. Small Igloo: The small Igloo made for temporary shelter, for example to hunters who have to stay for one or two nights.
  2. Medium Igloo: Igloo serves as a residence for one or two families. Inside the Igloo there is only one room with bunk beds. In an Eskimo village, there are several medium-sized Igloo. Big Igloo: A big Igloo Igloos can be constructed from some of small or medium
  3. Big Igloo: Igloos are combined with uniting its doors. In the big Igloos, there are more than five rooms and enough for 20 people.

Igloo construction and concepts

Igloo Inside and Interior Design Image 167Although it looks simple, but the Igloo has a good architectural design. The ice walls will not melt when the Eskimos fires inside. Know why? The secret is Igloos dome-shaped ceiling, so the water droplets which are melting due to heat of fire will not fall drip but just running down the walls. In addition, when light a fire, the Eskimos would open the door to get in the cold breeze. Water from melting ice will freeze back because the incoming cold breeze. And the Igloo was getting stronger.