How to paint kitchen cabinets properly becomes common question when someone wants to paint his or her old kitchen cabinet perfectly so that the kitchen cabinet will look adorable as like new cabinets in the furniture stores. Sometimes remodel or rebuild activity must to be done to replace the old kitchen cabinet with new look. For those people who haven’t spare time to do this activity usually uses someone service to help them arrange their old cabinet. But there are also some people who want to do it by themselves to ensure it will finish properly. There are some ways which can be applied in painting kitchen cabinets easily and below are some tips also steps in painting kitchen cabinets.

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Some interesting tips before painting

  • The important thing which should be prepared before painting your kitchen cabinet is considering the new shape or design of the kitchen cabinet. If it is old cabinet and you have new design which quite different with the old design, try to add some new base boards if necessary with the same material as the present cabinet.
  • Find any information about your new kitchen cabinet design plan from the professional or other media to get the appropriate cabinet. There are many types of kitchen cabinet such as: ‘L’ shape, ‘U’ shape, ‘I’ shape or other shape. Ensure those cabinet board can be unpacked to ease the painting progress before it is applied on the kitchen wall.
  • Consider the appropriate color for the kitchen cabinet. Black is suitable color to create elegant accent and hide different additional material on the kitchen cabinet, for example: oak wood is mixed to bamboo wood. White is classic but it is not useful for old cabinet with different material. Red will create bold effect on your old cabinet. Apply the colors as your desire based on kitchen decor ideas.
  • If you do not have free time for doing painting activity, try to find someone which can be asked to replace you to paint the kitchen cabinet. Professional person must be selected for the best and perfect result. By using this service you will spend more money but it doesn’t matter because you will get the best result without leaving your main activity. Commonly, painting service is paid daily so that you will spend money based on the painting duration.

How to paint kitchen cabinets easily

Best way to paint kitchen cabinets

The things you should prepare are screwdriver, egg carton, sandpaper, newspaper, primer, and spray paint.

  • Firstly, remove all of kitchen tools in the kitchen cabinet, and then unpack the cabinet into boards. Don’t forget to unscrew the door hinged from the cabinet.
  • Wash the doors hinged and cabinet metal from the grease. Use sandpaper to smooth the board surface to ease the new paint to apply.
  • Before painting progress, put the cabinet board on the egg carton which set in upside down position. This arrangement done to reduce the damage on the cabinet while it is painting.
  • Use the newspaper to cover the ground or table for painting location so that you will not paint other things under the cabinet boards. Put the egg carton, door hinged, and other cabinet part which is not suit the egg carton on the newspaper.
  • Spray firstly the primer paint on the cabinet. Shake the sprayer often in order to the paint mixed in it to create the same color on the cabinet.
  • Spray the first coat with brighter color and let it dry before spraying the second coat to clarify the main cabinet color. Let them dry for a day before combining and installing them into the kitchen wall.