How to paint white kitchen cabinet easily? White is neutral color which is appropriate to be applied in the kitchen to create cleaner and brighter nuance. Sometimes the cabinet paint in the kitchen has to tougher than the other paint in other room. The kitchen cabinet usually faces the heat, moist and cold effect of the dishes and the ingredients. Dirty spot on the drawer area caused of the hand grubbing in opening and closing activity while cooking or eating. To solve this problem, white paint color on the kitchen cabinet with a cleanable paint is useful to maintain the cleanness.

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Besides the previous reasons in choosing white as the kitchen cabinet color, white color can hide the old kitchen cabinet to create newer look on it. There are many ways which offered by media, internet, or information from the professional painter can be applied to get the best result in painting kitchen cabinet into white. Actually those basic steps of painting are the same each other with different furnishing and kind of paint which make them different. The basic materials which should be prepared to paint kitchen cabinet white are sandpaper, primer, white paint, roller paint brushes, paint brushes in various size, paint sprayer if necessary, screwdriver, newspaper, and several clean dry cloth.

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How to paint kitchen cabinet?

  • First, unscrew and unpack the kitchen cabinet from the kitchen. If it is permanently stuck on the kitchen wall, ensure to remove the dishes and other kitchen stuffs from the cabinet and around it. Cover the kitchen wall and floor with spread newspapers to avoid the paint drips.
  • Rub down the sandpaper on the cabinet surface to remove the old paint or smooth the wood surface. Wipe out the clean dry cloth on the cabinet to clean the cabinet sand remain. Ensure to clean it perfectly so that the primer will stick properly on the cabinet. Do this step inside the cabinet if you also want to paint the inside part.
  • Prime the cabinet using primer paint which is suitable to the main white paint for the best result of combination, for example: apply the oiled based primer to oiled based paint. Use small size of paint brush to reach the small narrow on the cabinet. And use roller paint brush to create smoother surface on the cabinet. Once the cabinet has been covered by the primer, let it dry for a while before applying the main paint.
  • Put on the first coat of white paint on the cabinet. Use the paint brush and roller paint brush as well as prime the cabinet. In this step, paint sprayer can be useful to fast the paint process. Shake the spray can to mix the paint to create color balanced on the cabinet surface. Do this step on the spread newspaper.
  • After the first coat is dry, apply the top coat of white paint to create the solid color to cover the cabinet material completely. And then let it dry for a day to ensure the paint is perfectly dry before it is packed and returned to the kitchen. For the kitchen cabinets which permanently stuck on the kitchen wall, you should let it free from the stuff and cooking activity for two days. It is done to ensure the paint is dry perfectly. Open the windows and door widely so that the drying process faster.
  • Once the white kitchen cabinets are dry, pack and install them in the kitchen. And then return the kitchen stuffs back into the new white kitchen cabinet.