How to make throw pillow covers question is commonly heard among the housewives meeting to create an economical solution for home decoration idea. Throw pillows spread out on the large rug in the living room would be attractive to complete home decoration. Various modern and chic motifs with numerous colors on the throw pillow will make the living room nuance looks cozy. But this need usually force us to spend more money to purchase the throw pillows with any new color and motif. The best solution for this problem is by replace the old throw pillow covers with new homemade throw pillow covers.

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There are some methods which can be applied to make throw pillow covers. There is a method which use zipper on the pillow cover, buttons, accent in front of the cover, Velcro closure, even without any closure material on the covers. The following explanation is about how to make throw pillow covers simply. Two simple methods are chosen to help you create your own throw pillow covers.

DIY with Velcro closure

How to make throw pillow covers easilyThe first method is making throw pillow cover with Velcro closure. The materials which should be prepared are sewing machine (thread and needle), throw pillow, fabric, measuring tape, fabric chalk, scissor, and Velcro strips. The following are the steps to make throw pillow cover with Velcro strips.

  • Firstly, measure the fabric cloth and ensure to add the size with about 2, 5 cm in each of side. Then cut the fabric to fit the size.
  • Prepare two pieces of cut fabric then join them with the inside part of fabric facing you. Fold its border about quarter inches twice and sew it around to join the two pieces fabric as like a bag with a side opened. In this opened side, it would have extra size cloth as its cover.
  • After complete the sewing process, turn the cover with right side fabric on the outside. Sew the Velcro strip inside the extra cloth of the fabric and on the back side of the cover so that you can not see it when it finished.
  • Put your throw pillow in its new cover then join the Velcro strips to lock the pillow in the cover.

Make throw pillow covers simply

The second simple method in making throw pillow cover is made without any button or any lock material on the cover. The main materials which have been prepared are needle and threat or sewing machine, fabric and throw pillow. Below are several steps in making this simple throw pillow cover.

  • Measure the fabric fit to the throw pillow with additional size about two inches on width and six inches on length.
  • To avoid the fraying on the edge, hem surrounds the fabric about 0, 5 inches. The spread vertically the flat fabric with the right side (outside of cover) on the top and wrong side (inside of cover) face the floor.
  • Fold the top third sides of fabric down about 5-6 inches and the bottom third sides of fabric up to cover the first folded. Then sew it around to join the third sides of fabric. After the third side is completely joined, turn the cover to the right position then fill it with the throw pillow. The 5-6 inches extra cloth inside the cover is used to lock the pillow so it completely hidden in the cover.